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Survivor: Blood Vs. Water - Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 10/03/2013 by Gina in Survivor

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The Tadhana tribe of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water


by Gina Scarpa


By the end of last night's Survivor: Blood Vs. Water episode, two people had left the game! Frustrated that no one wants to play the game his way, Colton breaks down at Redemption Island, asking to quit the game. That sends Probst over the edge, especially since Colton has made an early exit before. In fact, he told him point blank that he should've stayed home, on his couch, in his living room. After sobbing on Caleb's lap, Colton makes his retreat to Ponderosa. Whatever, he was the first one going from his tribe anyway. He could've at least had his torch snuffed.


The Redemption Island competitors race to set up dominos in the brutal heat (over 110 degrees!) and Candice continues to dominate by finishing first. Marissa and Rachel are extremely close but Rachel's dominos stop short, while Marissa lives to see another few days in the game. Tyson is super aggravated that Rachel's tribe voted her in and makes a promise that anyone who ever faces him on Redeption Island will go home. Team Tyson!


For the immunity/reward challenge, players face off sumo style on a platform in the water and try to knock each other off. Vytas can't wait to get his hands on his brother Aras... until Aras kicks his butt. Vytas even tries a cheap shot but you can't take down the winner of Survivor: Panama! Both Ciera and Katie lose to their moms (embarrassing) and the returning players grab another win.


The men of Tadhana discuss getting rid of one of the girls, but when John walks away to look for the idol, Brad makes a move to blindside him. No one seems eager to take John out of the game this early, and there's even talk of ridding the tribe of Brad The Tyrant, which could equally be a smart and dumb move. At tribal council, the fact that John has now received two clues from Candice and has basically kept that info to himself is just too much to ignore. After being blindsided, he made the trek to Redemption Island, where he'll have to compete against his wife to stay in the game.


Survivor: Blood Vs. Water airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.


(Image courtesy of CBS)


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