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Ghost Hunters Season 8: Episode 1 Recap

Posted on 01/11/2012 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters Season 8


by Chad Alan


"Roller Coaster"


Kings Island - Mason, Ohio


Kings Island was opened in 1972 and has grown into quite an amusement park not far from Cincinnati.  The grounds of the park were home to a munitions factory from the 1800's into the 1950's.  A deadly explosion killing over 100 people scared its' history.   Some believe this is why the park is now haunted.  Strangely, a grave yard sits right next to the park, out of place, but also possibly playing a part in the paranormal activity.  A little girl in a blue dress, who they call "Missouri Jane" and matches the description of a young child buried out in the cemetery, seems to be the most seen apparition in the park and she tends to giggle and play games on the workers.  She once held a ride operator's door closed and giggled as he tried to get out.


TAPS co-founders Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes started their investigation in the kitchen of the International Restaurant where pots and pans seem to clang together at night and footsteps follow reports of dark apparitions.  Both continued to hear a male voice saying something over and over again.  They could not track down where it was coming from.


Amy Bruni and Adam Berry started their investigation in the ticketing area of the park where the little girl in the blue dress has been seen by employees.  They called out for Missouri Jane as they went through the haunted house ride and then headed out to the cemetery.  The little girl was nowhere to be found. Britt Griffith joined Amy in the International Restaurant and both spotted a white ball of light in one of the closets.  With a lightning storm brewing outside, Britt believed that spirits may be using this natural electric energy to try and manifest themselves, explaining the ball of light. 


The team did catch a three items on their audio recorders.  All came from the restaurant and all sounded like a young girl talking.  One sentence by the young girl was very clear saying, "trying to find my mom."  TAPS did feel there was some paranormal going on in the park.


Antrim Family House - Antrim, New Hampshire


Krista, the mother of two children, saw her first ghost at age 7 in the house she grew up in and now her children are having the same experiences in the same house.   It was built in 1793 and the original family had three children die in the house.  Another set of owners of the property died in the house, as well as, a soldier trying to save others during a fire that had broken out during a party.   A dark shadow seems to play games with Krista while the children deal with items in their rooms being constantly moved around.  Voices are heard by the family and doors seem to move on their own.  A neighbor claims to have seen a ghostly white figure of a women pass by one of the upstairs windows.  The house is harboring some type of paranormal energy.


Jason and Grant were the first to investigate the house.  A strange noise like a growl of a dog was coming from the basement which did get picked up on their audio recorder.  They headed downstairs, and while down there, heard footsteps coming from the above floor with a faint sound of somebody talking.  No other team members were in the house. 


Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves placed an EM Pod in one of the children's room while they were investigating on the main floor.  The EM Pod will pick up any kind of energy in the area where it is placed.  As they were downstairs, the EM Pod did start going off.  They started hearing footsteps coming from the upstairs bedroom.  Nobody was upstairs.


Amy and Adam headed to the basement to try and make contact with the spirits.  They set up two flashlights and told whoever might be there, that one flashlight represented "No" and one represented "Yes" and asked them to light up one of them in response to their questions.  Amy's first question was "Do you need our help?"  The "No" flashlight lit up.  She then asked for the flashlight to be turned off and it turned off.  "Are you a member of the Colby Family?" was her next question and the "Yes" flashlight lit up.  The next question was creepy, or at least the response.   Amy asked "Do you know that you have passed on?"  The answer was the "No" flashlight."  She then asked "Are you willing to try and let us help you?"  The "Yes" flashlight lit up.  "Are you a woman?"  Again, the "Yes" flashlight turned on.  She then asked, "Do you know that this is not your house?"  The "No" flashlight lit up.  Highly suggest you check this part of the episode out.


When TAPS showed the flashlight part of the investigation, Krista broke down in tears in sadness that these spirits could not pass on.  No question, the house is haunted.


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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