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MasterChef Season 2: Finale Recap

Posted on 08/16/2011 by Todd in MasterChef

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MasterChef Season 2


by Todd Betzold


We watched all season to find out the results of this one show of MasterChef, so you can read until the end to find out the winner.


It starts out with the top three, Jennifer, Christian and Adrien, competing in the last Mystery Box Challenge of the season. This challenge has us coming full circle, as it is revealed under the box is chicken, as it was in the first challenge. They will have 60 minutes to create a dish that will win over the judges.


As they cook, the judges feel Jennifer's looks beautiful, Adrien is all over the board and not sure what he is cooking and Christian has butter in everything and it may be a little too much, but how will they all taste?


Christian is first with his dish, Bacon Wrapped Chicken with French Onion Sauce. Was there too much butter? Chef Ramsay says the chicken is nice and moist and the dish is freakin' delicious. Graham says the flavor is heavy, but it works and Joe doesn't like the plating.


Up next is Adrien's dish, Braised Chicken Thigh with Acorn Squash and Asparagus on Rice. Graham says that it is delicious and he should be really proud of it. Chef Ramsay says it doesn't look that appetizing, but it is delicious and Joe congrats him on a great dish.


Jennifer is up last with her dish, Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Apples and Jalapenos. Not many kind words for Jennifer, as Joe says the potatoes are slightly undercooked, Chef Ramsay says the thigh is undercooked and Graham says the breast is overcooked. However, Graham did love the veggies...finally some positive words for Jennifer.


The judges discuss and announce that the weakest dish belonged to Jennifer and the winning dish belonged to Adrien. For the first time, all three contestants were allowed in the pantry. For the elimination test, the theme will be based on Joe's favorite ingredients: veal, mushrooms or octopus are there choices. Adrien, being the winner, chooses first and picks octopus (trying to keep it away from Christian to cook). Christian picks next and chooses the veal (trying to screw over Jennifer with the mushrooms, but he didn't know she grew up next to the mushroom capital of the country).


They come out of the pantry to find all the former contestants there to cheer them on during their 60 minutes allotted to cook their dish. During that time, Christian realizes he never grabbed flour out of pantry and Jennifer gives him none of hers...karma is a bitch.


Adrien brings his dish up first, Pan Seared Octopus with Saffron Rice and Watercress Salad. Chef Ramsay states it is beautifully plated and the octopus is delicious, but the rice is bad...not the best dish he has made in the MasterChef competition. Graham and Joe agree that the octopus is amazing.


Next is Christian's dish, Veal with Vegetable Medley and Mashed Potatoes. Joe starts it out by telling him he should not put meat still on the bone on mashed potatoes. He cuts it for him and finishes plating it for him. He states the vision is missing, but the flavor is good. Chef Ramsay states it is also not Christian's best dish in the competition.


Up last is Jennifer's dish, Mushroom and Egg Ravioli with Mushroom Ragu. Chef Ramsay calls her one crazy explicative for cooking this, but says the yolk is great but needs some seasoning. Graham says the pasta is undercooked like 30 seconds.


Chef Ramsay says they have the right three in the semifinals after those dishes, but one must go home. First in the finals is Adrien. That leaves the bitter rivals all competition, Jennifer and Christian, and one will go home. Second one in finals is Jennifer, so no more Christian and a final competition between Adrien and Jennifer.


We start out the second half of the finale with the families of Adrien and Jennifer surprising them to wish them luck and cheer them on in the gallery with the other former contestants (this was an attempt, a successful attempt, at making me cry). They will each have 2 hours to make an appetizer, entrée and dessert. The person with the best overall meal will be crowned the next MasterChef.


No real drama or freak-outs during the cooking, so let's get to their meals.


Jennifer is up first with her appetizer, Pan Seared Scallops with Quail Egg, Creamed Corn and Pea Puree. All judges thought the scallops were seared perfectly, which was a huge plus for her. Graham did find an abductor muscle on the scallop, which was a huge setback for her.


Adrien presents his appetizer, Spot Prawn Taquitos with Avocado Sauce, Masago and Microgreens. The judges thought the plating was great, with even Chef Ramsay saying he was putting food on dish as a professional. With this dish, all the judges stated the acidity overshadowed the dish.


For the entrée, Jennifer presents Stuffed Quail with Creamy Potatoes and Spinach. Chef Ramsay says she took a bold move cooking quail, but it had nice pinkness and it was stuffed beautifully. She nailed it. Joe says it showed a lot of technique.


Now it is entrée time for Adrien, who plates Beer Braised Short Ribs with Cauliflower, Parsnip Puree and Rainbow Chard. Joe says he deserves to be commended and it was an excellent dish. Chef Ramsay says it brings tears to his eyes and it was absolutely delicious.


Dessert is last and Jennifer turns in her dish, Braised Pear with Poached Apples and Mascarpone. Graham says overall it leaves a little to be desired and Joe states it is a pre-dessert. Chef Ramsay says it doesn't even compare to the other two dishes.


Adrien ends the competition by bringing up his dish, Flourless Chocolate Cake Infused with Blood Orange, Passion Fruit and Chipotle. Graham says it was drier that he thought it would be and Joe says everything his entrée was, this is not.


But in the end, someone has to win. Will it be the server or the former beauty queen? Chef Ramsay announces the winner of $250,000 and title of America's next MasterChef is Jennifer...two seasons and two female winners...get it girls!



(Image courtesy of Fox)



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