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Million Dollar Decorators: Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 07/20/2011 by Gina in Million Dollar Decorators

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Million Dollar Decorators


by Todd Betzold


They pull out all the drama and catfights for the season finale of Million Dollar Decorators.


Kathryn meets with her office manager at home to discuss her upcoming book tour when she receives a call from the office that Shannon Factor called and they are having structural issues with the beach house and the stairs are being ripped out and Shannon is blaming Kathryn, this to the disagreement of Kathryn.


Jeffrey and Ross are now two days away from the install for the restaurant and they are going to check out what the contractor has been working on over the past two weeks. They go with high hopes, but walk into a disaster, as the place is a mess. Dust everywhere and it would take two days just to clean it.


Martyn, who will be receiving the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award, is also being honored by the mayor of West Hollywood at the home Cheryl Tiegs, his first client. The day is declared Martyn Lawrence Bullard Day in West Hollywood by the mayor in a quiet ceremony with some friends and staff.


Mary has been asked to design the entrance tent to the Los Angeles Antiques Show, so she is headed to a meeting with the co-chairs for the show. That tent will be setting the tone for the show and they want more prestige and nothing too crazy, which is Mary's style.


We see the star-studded presentation of Martyn's award at the Pacific Design Center. The crowd included Kathryn, Ellen Pompeo, Lance Bass, Joe Francis and many others. Sharon and Kelly Osbourne present the award to him.


It is now the day of the install for Jeffrey. The contractor has been saying it would be ready, but once they arrive the contractors have told the movers to pack up and leave because the floors are not done. This proceeds to bring on the drama and catfight between Jeffrey and the contractor. The floor needs to be sealed and both say the other didn't inform them on the sealing. Sealing the floor should take one hour, so the movers leave all the furniture in the parking lot.


Kathryn calls the project manager regarding Shannon and she has only received e-mails from Shannon stating she wants a return, but she is not responding to phone calls from either of them. Kathryn states it is foundation issues and they are not to blame, but they need to communicate with Shannon.


Mary heads out shopping for things for the tent and with everything being donated for the show; she has a hay day with no budget to stick to.


It is now 4 p.m. and they have not started sealing the floor, so Jeffrey starts bringing in all the furniture from the parking lot to the lobby of the restaurant to store it for the night, since they can't get it done now and it can't sit in lot overnight. The contractor wants no one walking on the floors, so another catfight between the two of them.


Mary gets to the tent and runs into her biggest nightmare, as the measurements they were given do not match the actual measurements of the tent. This is crucial because her floors and walls have to match perfectly....let the freaking out set in.


Kathryn meets with Martyn so he can see her new book and he tells her she needs to cut all ties with Shannon before it gets worse.


Jeffrey and Ross head over to the restaurant for the last day of install and opening day for the restaurant. The floors have been sealed, but the furniture is just piled up everywhere. Let the fun begin, as the two of them have two hours to get it in order.


It's the day of the antiques show and Mary arrives to finish her install of the entrance tent. The walls and floors have been fixed, so off to work she goes.


Kathryn speaks with her project manager again regarding Shannon and now learns that Shannon has fired the contractor and no return calls still. Time to cut ties, seeming they already have been let go by Shannon, just without the formal announcement.


David, the restaurant owner, arrives and is in love with what Jeffrey has done with the place. It's open and bright and says it looks great, which a compliment from David is a huge thing to get.


Everything is mass chaos for Mary in the tent, as everyone is working to get things in order. The co-chairs arrive and are in love with what she has done. They are very proud of her and Mary is super relieved.


We see the five designers arrive for the antiques show and share a drink together and one classic cheers to end the show. And so, season one ends for the designers on Million Dollar Decorators.



(Image courtesy of Bravo)



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