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The Real World: Las Vegas - Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 03/23/2011 by Gina in Real World

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by Gina Scarpa


On The Real World: Las Vegas, Dustin has finally decided to forgive Mike Mike and Heather for sharing an absolutely meaningless kiss in a stupid game of Truth or Dare. Finally, we can move on... we have bigger problems anyway.


I feel fairly confident that Adam is unable to walk into Vanity night club without being escorted out by security and the question is: how much longer are they going to put up with it? This week's offense: taking off his shirt in the DJ booth. When he returns, defeated yet unremorseful to his room, Mike decides that he's not havin' it anymore. "I'm not accepting drunk you," he calmly states and it's a wonder Adam doesn't punch him in the head.


The roomies put their heads together and figure out that there's something about Adam's past that he's not telling anyone. Don't worry, guys. Nany will get it out of him.


But first - if you want to be on The Real World, you're going to have to work. Well, sort of. The gang heads downstairs to learn about their internship, courtesy of manager Jesse. Naomi points out that he looks like Uncle Jesse from Full House. Naomi likey. They'll be working on various events in Las Vegas, the first involving Carey Hart, the motorcross star.


When Adam heads out for another night of partying, Leroy tells the roomies that he's fed up with his antics. Unfortunately for Leroy, Adam returns just in time to overhear him and reacts like any psychotically drunk person would react - he spikes his beer bottle into the ground, narrowly missing Naomi, and smashing it everywhere. A fight narrowly breaks out after Adam shoves Leroy but the latter remains calm, cool, and collected... amazingly.


Nany finally gets it out of Adam that he grew up in juvie and was a serious drug dealer in his teens. Oh, no one loves a lost soul quite like Nany. She won't judge him, she'll keep his secrets, and she has his back. I can feel him falling even harder.


The day of the motorcross event, Adam and Leroy end up in a group together but manage to get work done without dealing with each other. It seemed like a lot of fun and they did a great job - they even got to meet Pink!


I think, this season, MTV was intentionally looking for people with tough upbringings. Mike's parents were both in jail, Leroy was taken away from his mom, Dustin's mom is bipolar, and we all know Adam's story. Are the girls the only ones that were spared from scarring experiences?


Adam and Leroy try to talk it out later at the club but it seems these two are just too different to be friends. Adam refuses to apologize for "little things" like throwing bottles around the apartment because he's done way worse things than that. Leroy doesn't feel he needs to associate himself with people like that.


Is Leroy the most mature person in the house?


The Real World: Las Vegas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV.


(Image courtesy of MTV)


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