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The Hills Season 6: Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 06/16/2010 by Gina in The Hills

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The Hills Season 6

by Michelle Spigner


"Between a Rocker and a Hard Place"


On last night's episode of The Hills, Audrina feels the flame has died in her relationship with Ryan. Could this be because Justin has come back into her life?


Audrina is questioning if she should tell Ryan that she has been seeing Justin. And again, she's questioning if Justin has changed enough for her to be with him again. Has she completely forgotten that he ditched her for Kristin not too long ago?


McKaela and Allie go out for lunch. McKaela tells her all about her talk with Kristin. Kristin told her how crazy Allie is and that she should stay away from her. Allie thinks McKaela should believe whatever she wants to believe but she knows Kristin pretty well and she is the one who is crazy. Kristin has always had a bad reputation and isn't the brightest girl out there. McKaela still doesn't understand why everyone thinks Allie broke into Brody's house and gets her side of the story. The way she tells it, Brody invited her over and she was just trying to find her ring and doesn't know how the whole story got so out of control.


That night, everyone goes out together and Audrina brings Ryan... and Justin shows up. Justin awkwardly shakes Ryan and Audrina's hands and then sits down to chat with Brody. Justin tells him that he hopes Audrina is happy and that Ryan isn't running around and cheating on her while he's on the road but he thinks she deserves better.


To escape the awkwardness with Justin, Audrina and Ryan leave. Audrina wishes, though, that Ryan had stayed a little longer and stood his ground.


The next day, Stephanie has her new beau Max over for dinner. She tries to ease into all of her family stuff and other issues. Instead, she dumps all of the Spencer and DUI stuff on him in one breath. Max was a little taken aback but still seemed pretty understanding.

Audrina has a night in with Ryan and he brings up Justin. It makes Ryan uncomfortable that Justin comes around her friends so often. He is worried that if he is ever away, she might be hanging out with Justin and not tell him. Audrina swears she would never do that (except she already has). Audrina is confused about their relationship. She isn't used to spending all her time with one person. Ryan feels that all this stuff is in her head and things aren't as bad as she thinks. Audrina just feels like the honeymoon phase of their relationship is over and doesn't know if it is substantial enough to be a long-term thing.


The next day, Audrina attends Ryan's concert in Hollywood. She is still confused about their relationship but it seems like more than that because, as Ryan starts to sing a love song, she starts crying. It gets so bad that she has to leave.


When Lo and Stephanie chat about it later, Lo totally thinks that Audrina was so upset because she knows she really wants to be with Justin. Stephanie talks about her second date with Max, but Stephanie feels that she's still not ready for a relationship because she has too much baggage.


That night, the whole gang goes out to the Nylon Young Hollywood Party. Audrina tells the girls that she gave things another shot with Ryan, but doesn't think it's going to work out after all.


McKaela also shows up and brings Allie again. When McKaela comes over to say hi to Brody, Kristin is so annoyed with her that she curses at her and tells her to leave. McKaela tries to be the better person and asks Kristin not to treat her that way. Then, Allie comes along and makes everything worse. She yells out that Kristin and all her friends are just jealous because they can't handle any pretty girls in L.A. So that totally sends Kristin off the edge. Allie and Kristin get in an argument, causing a hot scene and it takes Brody to break them up. McKaela is upset at how Allie is acting and wonders why she even brings her anywhere. McKaela tells Allie that she humiliated her and wonders why she just didn't walk away.


Kristin tells Brody how glad she is that he had her back. Brody tells her that he'll always have her back over some "stranger" (aka McKaela) that just came into her life.



The Hills airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.


(Image courtesy of MTV)


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