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Project Runway Season 7: Christopher Straub Rates The Runway - Episode 1

Posted on 01/15/2010 by Gina in Project Runway and Reality Writers

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Christopher Straub from Project Runway Season 6



by Christopher Straub

Project Runway Season 6

Episode 1: "Back to New York" or "Who Care's Where You Are... Just Sew!"

First of all: Why was Pretty Woman on before the Season 7 premier? Where's the usual "Last season marathon" to get you into a runway ready mood?


For those of you who don't know: this season was shot before season 6 aired so they had no knowledge of us or our designs. Because of this, I feel like this cast is my lost brothers and sisters.

Anyway, let's start the show. Seth...I hate your sketches.


30 seconds in and YAY a crier… it’s a little too early to cry about Bryant Park, sweetheart.  If you think it’s emotional now, wait til you’ve been in the bottom 3 for, like, 7 weeks.


Tim and a pregnant Heidi welcome the (not yet emotionally crippled) designers with a champagne toast.  Mingle, mingle, mingle… now get to the first challenge.


The designers are brought to Central Park to choose their fabrics, for some reason.  Each designer is to create a garment of their own choosing to express their point of view.   Thanks, Mood.


The designers have only the one day for the challenge which makes sense because, at the end of the show, most of the dresses looked like one-day projects.


Guest judge is Nicole Ritchie.  Neat.  Let me say this: The first couple episodes of each season are always my favorite.  16, count ‘em, 16 looks come down the runway.  I love to see so many different styles and points-of-view being represented.


Having said that, let’s rate the runway, shall we?


In order of appearance:

Jonathan: Black, belted short dress with ivory bust detail.  I really liked this dress but wanted to see more of the top part.  I couldn’t tell if it was cut-outs or appliqués.  Also, I want to know if he made the belt.
Seth Aaron: Plaid, strappy short dress with exposed back zipper.  The judges loved it more than I did but there is a valid point…this look is very NOW.
Jesus: One shouldered, chocolate croco gown. LOVED IT.  I can’t believe the judges were so hard on him.
Ben: Red short dress with exaggerated shoulders.  Interesting but did not like the neckline… maybe a V or a boatneck?  It could be that I don’t care for his model, Sophia.
Jay: Strapless dress with textural elements.  I’m ALL for this dress minus the tummy poof.  Also, there was no need for Kasey to be carrying that handbag… I thought it was just another poof the first 3 times I watched it.
Pamela: Pink dress with big sleeves and uncomfortable looking back.  Well that summed it up, didn’t it?  Also, the fabric was sooo papery looking.  Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some unique fabrics but it was just so “I had pink wrapping paper and some string so I made a dress”.  Eh.
Emilio: Crimson and white criss-cross short dress.  Cute… but not amazing.
Jesse: Tan suiting jacket and skirt with red top.  Oh GOD!  MY EYES!  Everything, and I mean everything, from the waist up looked so poorly fit on the model.
Ping: Fabric...look…outfit. This was a very specific look and I totally respect this form of dressing but it feels like there is very little work involved.  Also, I’m not a fan of little “extras” on the runway like the dance Elizaveta had to do.  Eh.  Nicole said that she would wear it…I disagree.
Christiane: Blue and print satin dress.  WOW, she talked a big game but DID.NOT.DELIVER!   This was a “Go home” dress if I ever saw one.




Amy: Strapless dress with white top and harlequin skirt.  A.Dorable. There was some detail on the right side of the bust but I couldn’t make it out with how fast everything moves.  Was the top too sheer???  I cannot tell.  Cuteness, though.
Janeane:  Sheer black top and tan skirt.  Forgettable.  Done.
Mila:  3-Piece look with lots ‘o print.  Good for her for doing so many interesting prints.  Very modern and not earth shattering…but if you look at her portfolio that’s what she does.
Anthony:  Print dress with hip detail.  How funny was it that Kors said “not a lot of women are going to want to wear that appendage on their hips” when his most-recent collection has some similar looking “appendages”.
Anna:  Gold short dress.  Cute but the fit was off in the bust.
Maya:  Flesh-tone dress with shoulder detail.  This dress was right up my alley.  The volume on her right side was so beautiful and I liked the different fabrics she used.


The judges give top honors to Emilio with Ping and Seth Aaron rounding out the top three.


The bottom was made-up of Jesus and Anthony with Christiane, not surprisingly, going home.


My top spots were reserved for Maya, Amy, and Jesus… but what do I know?


I would have sent home Christiane, Jesse, or Janeane.

Had enough of me yet???  Find me on Facebook or follow me at twitter.com/schmistopher.  Be sure to stop by my webstore at www.christopherstraub.com


Project Runway airs Thursdays at 10pm ET on Lifetime.


(Image courtesy of Mike Hnida)


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