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America's Got Talent 4 Semifinals Round 2 Results Recap

Posted on 09/09/2009 by RealityWanted in Americas Got Talent

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by  Arthur Perkins
Tonight restored my faith a bit in America's ability to vote in the right acts. This show went an unbelievable 70 minutes for no discernable reason . There was no content for the first 20 minutes of the show. Why wasn't it reduced to 10 minutes? Whoever is directing this program should be forced to watch the first 20 minutes over and over again for 24 hours.  Let's get to it.
The first pairing was Footworkingz and Hairo Torres. I had expected both of these acts to go home, but Hairo Torres is in the finals. Footworkingz was disappointing, so they got what they deserved.
The second pairing was Erik and Rickey and Jeffrey Ou. I expected both teams to go home and indeed they are.
The third pairing was Recycled Percussion vs. Mario and Jenny. Recycled Percussion had done well enough to earn a spot in the finals and Mario and Jenny did not. Recycled Percussion is in the finals and Mario and Jenny are going home.
The final group was the remaining 4 acts competing for 3 spots. Barbara Padilla and Lawrence Beamen were no-brainers to advance. The last spot went to Drew Stevyns. I believe Hairo Torres got the spot I had reserved for the Eriam Sisters as they are going home.
So, here is my list of the 5 finalists in my ordering of talent from the best on top to the more marginal on the bottom:
Barbara Padilla
Lawrence Beamen
Texas Tenors
Voices of Glory
Kevin Skinner
Note that all are singing groups. The judging and public voting seems to weed out other types of acts.
The next 5 finalist in order from 6 to 10 are:
Grandma Lee
Fab 5
Recycled Percussion
Hairo Torres
Drew Stevyns (who ahs no chance at all because there are 5 better singers/groups ahead of him.


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