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I Love Money 2 Recap, Episode 8, Hangman

Posted on 03/24/2009 by Jackie in I Love Money

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I love Money 2


By Jackie Helm
I Love Money continues to provide true amusement.  The Entertainer was at the mercy of the opposing team that he had consistently tortured.  Angelique’s subtitles make me GOL (guffaw out loud!).  Saaphyri and IT snuggled in bed and she even stayed as he passed gas!  And finally “the snake” (as named by ET) Tailor Made slithered his master plan into full blown action.
Saaphyri became the new team captain of the Green Team and Tailor Made led the Gold.  The two captains had to write down the names of two people on their team that they trusted the most.  These two people became the additional participants with the captains in the challenge, “Tangled Web of Lies”.
The Green Team was up first.  Saaphyri, Frank and Angelique were suspended by ropes over water and had to work together to untwist themselves, drop from the rope and swim to shore.  The other team members hung in the air outside of the tangle as “dead weight”.  The three accomplished the task in a matter of minutes.
Next up Tailor Made, Ice and Prancer tackled the task.  Their dead weight teammates were 20 Pack and Buckwild.  As 20 and Buck hung off to the side they tried to sabotage their own team (again) by shaking the ropes.  This wound up helping their team become loose, rather than hurting as they intended.  Suddenly before becoming completely untangled, Tailor Made dropped from his rope and into the ocean water.
The Green Team exploded in enthusiasm!  Dropping before the rope is untangled attaches a ten minute penalty which would make the Green Team the automatic winner.  But wait!  Tailor Made didn’t detach himself.  His rope broke!  The technical foul allowed the Yellow Team to get one more try!  And they won!
Finally, Frank the Entertainer and the Green Team that he’s had wrapped around his finger have their time in the vault.  The tight knit crew suddenly began to unravel.  Saaphyri clowned Frank for living with his parents and Frank told Saaphyri “at least I have parents” (Host Craig even told ET that was a low blow).  All of this hooplah resulted in a four way tie when only three eliminees were needed.  The entire team fought furiously with one another and then suddenly fifteen minutes passed and time ran out.  The Green Team no longer had the opportunity to choose who should be in the hot seats.  The Entertainers nightmares became a reality:  Tailor Made hand picked who he wanted to be put up for elimination from the Green Team.  Naturally, he chose The Entertainer as well as Saaphyri and Angelique.
The Power Outing with Tailor Made was The Entertainers last hope in staying in the game.  He didn’t beg, but he certainly didn’t harass, berate or insult Tailor Made as he had done up until this point.  Tailor Made played it cool and had open ears to The Entertainers supposed bargain deals.
At the elimination ceremony Tailor Made sealed The Entertainers fate.  He said, “Frank, you’re a strong competitor…you told me that I can trust you and I believe that…you offered me the chance to join your alliance and I trust that if I do you’ll uphold your end of the bargain.  The only problem is that I already have an alliance”. Ha ha ha!  The Entertainer is livid, the Gold team is relieved and Buckwild and Angelique actually start crying!
Frank the Entertainer expressed his shame and reluctance to return home to his parent’s basement (at age 37) without the prize money!
Phew!  What a show!  Next week, teams are abolished and it’s each man for his himself!

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