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Gambling Addiction

New York National
NATIONWIDE MAJOR TELEVISION CASTING: Are you ready to seek help for your gambling addiction? We want to hear your story!
Start: 06/18/2019 End: 06/29/2019

Major Cable Network Seeking Adventurous Families

Any City National
A major cable network is casting fun families who want to go on the adventure of a lifetime! Families should be interested in or in the process of moving “off the grid” ideally to an Island…
Start: 06/25/2019 End: 07/31/2019

Experts wanted for Untitled Kids Project

New York City CO, NJ, NY, PA
Are you the authority on apples? A SPECIALIST in space travel? The expert on eagles? A new game show for kids based on a popular podcast is looking for adults with comprehensive and authoritative knowledge…
Start: 06/25/2019 End: 08/09/2019

Talk Show Looking to Give ‘Spicy’ Dating Advice!

Any City National
Is your relationship at a standstill and you’re having trouble talking to your partner? NBCUniversal is developing a new series and is looking for people who are seeking advice on how to ‘spice’…
Start: 06/25/2019 End: 07/10/2019

My Wedding was Called OFF

Any City National
Nationwide Casting for a major network. Looking for people to share their stories on why their wedding was called off. DId a friend or family member object? Why did they object? Were you being "played"…
Start: 06/25/2019 End: 08/25/2019

New Talk Show Now looking Relationship stories

New York National
NEW FUN AND FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE TALK SHOW – LOOKING FOR STORIES!! ARE YOU: A couple that needs advice… - because your man takes you for granted and does not appreciate you like you feel he…
Start: 06/25/2019 End: 09/25/2019

New Talk Show Now looking for Guests!

New York CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, KY, ME, MD, NJ, NY, OH, TN
Looking for mature women who are looking to get back into the dating scene and need help. (Ages 35 and up) Tell us what your situation is and we will have an expert who will give you advice help you get…
Start: 06/25/2019 End: 09/25/2019

New Talk Show Now looking for people to share advice-

New York National
How do you motivate yourself throughout the day? What do you do to make your life more positive? The Doctor and the Diva, a brand new daytime television show, would love to know! Give us a tip for better…
Start: 06/25/2019 End: 09/25/2019


Any City National
TLC's hit series, "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days" is seeking Americans in long distance relationships with someone they NEVER met. Are you planning to finally travel and meet your significant other?…
Start: 04/05/2019 End: 06/28/2019


Los Angeles CA
Does your husband do everything for you without batting an eyelash? Is he the best man in the world and you want a fun reason to celebrate him? Is he Mr. Fixit, takes care of the kids, and makes sure…
Start: 05/28/2019 End: 06/28/2019

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