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NYC Based Talk Show Looking for Shopaholics!

Any City National
Are you in financial distress and want help getting back on track? Have you been hiding the truth about your money problems from your spouse or loved ones? Are you a shopaholic? Are your spending habits…
Start: 11/05/2019 End: 12/10/2019

Is Your Teen Addicted To Video Games?

Any City National
Casting - Is Your Teen Addicted To Video Games? Is it costing you a FORTUNE? Do you worry about how much time and energy he/she puts into gaming? Talk Show is looking to speak to parents who are worried…
Start: 11/22/2019 End: 12/10/2019

Do you have an out of control teenager?

Any City National
Do you have an out of control teenager? Are they acting out and you don't know what to do? Is their behavior worrying you? Do you want an expert's advice on how to help them? Email us about your situation…
Start: 11/25/2019 End: 12/10/2019

Love After 50

Any City National
New York based talk show hosted by life coach is looking for women who are single and over the age of 50! Are you single and ready for love? Are you terrified about jumping back into the dating pool?…
Start: 12/06/2019 End: 12/31/2019

Are you stuck between two people in your life?

Any City National
Are you torn between two people in your life? Your parents, your two best friends, a parent and partner, two family members, your exes? Daytime talk show is seeking a trio who is open to coming on to…
Start: 12/03/2019 End: 12/26/2019

Is Your Teenage Daughter Out of Control?

Any City National
Is Your Teenage Daughter Out of Control? Does she spend all your money on makeup and clothes? Does she give you attitude about helping out around the house? Do you find yourself stuck and not knowing…
Start: 11/18/2019 End: 12/20/2019

Are You Worried About Your Kid's Behavior?

Any City National
**Are You Worried About Your Kid's Behavior? ** Does your child seem to only think about themselves? Are they showing a sense of entitlement? Do they lack empathy or a concern for others feelings? Do…
Start: 11/14/2019 End: 12/14/2019

Looking For Couples To Talk About Parenting Problems

Any City National
**Is your parenting style not working? Are you having trouble with your kid(s)? Are they behaving in ways that are concerning to you? **Do you worry your behavior is negatively impacting your kid(s)?…
Start: 11/13/2019 End: 12/25/2020

Daytime Talk Show Seeking men who need advice

Any City National
Have you been job hopping and finding it hard to hold down a job? Or do you feel as if you aren't fully providing for your family? Have you been struggling with the fact that your wife is the breadwinner…
Start: 11/11/2019 End: 12/23/2019

Out of Control Teen

Any City National
NYC Based Talk Show looking for Wild Teens! Do you have a teen who is out of control? Rebells against you and your family? Is your daughter a rule breaker? Always getting into trouble and causes chaos?…
Start: 11/08/2019 End: 12/31/2019

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