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Is it Worth it?

Any City National
Vaping...kinda cool with all the flavors, the vape tools and kits..and all that's epic. More truthfully, it's epically bad for a person's health. If you were lured in by all the cold gadgets,…
Start: 10/11/2019 End: 10/24/2019

Have You Had A Supernatural/Extraterrestrial/Unexplained Encounter?

Any City National
Have you had an encounter that defies explanation? Maybe something paranormal? Or extraterrestrial? Or maybe something happened that was just plain weird? If so, a new documentary wants to hear your story!…
Start: 10/10/2019 End: 12/01/2019

Are You Stressed Out

Los Angeles CA
IF YOU ARE STRESSED OUT, anxious, have trouble sleeping, or are trying to improve your life, but don’t know where to start, we might be able to help. We are casting people ages 18 and up to try…
Start: 10/01/2019 End: 12/01/2019

Do you have a secret?

Any City National
We are currently looking for important and poignant stories of people keeping a secret to feature in a documentary series about coming clean. Are you carrying a huge secret you have never told and it’s…
Start: 09/24/2019 End: 10/24/2019

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