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Female, 30, los Angeles CA



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Current OccupationBusiness Owner & Event Host
Previous Job 1Business Owner-Fashion and Fitness Boutique [Other] (2009 - 2016)
Previous Job 2Night Life Event Host [Arts/Entertainment/Publishing] (2008 - 2016)
Previous Job 3Fitness Coach and Persoanl Trainer [Healthcare] (2007 - 2013)
EducationSome College
Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenYes
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Michael said:

Thursday votes! God bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 04/12/2018 12:53 pm

Michael said:

Toi is baaaaaaaaaaack again! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Votes are in. God bless! Lawyer Mike

Posted 05/15/2017 10:33 am

Michael said:

Thursday votes in! God bless and good luck! Lawyer Mike

Posted 07/07/2016 03:39 pm

Michael said:

Wishing everyone a safe 4th of July! Please don't forgot those that made our Independence possible. Saturday votes in! God bless and good luck! Lawyer Mike

Posted 07/02/2016 05:01 pm

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