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Female, 31, Jacksonvill FL



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Current OccupationCertified Surg Tech Instructor/ Singer/Songwriter
EducationCollege Grad
Marital StatusMarried
Has ChildrenYes
Sexual orientationStraight
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Jim said:

Tomorrow night "The Island with Bear Grylls". NBC at 10PM EST. Tune in to see a great show!

Posted 05/24/2015 07:42 am

Jim said:

Get ready for the new show on NBC called "The Island with Bear Grylls". Series starts on May 25 at 10 PM EST. You just might see me as one of the stars in the series:)

Posted 05/06/2015 08:57 am

Jim said:

The true sign of friendship is the ability to keep a secret! With that in mind, I will miss my friends on RW but know you will be in my thoughts till we meet again! Your vote is in!

Posted 02/20/2015 06:20 am

Jim said:

Sending out a special Valentines wish to you on this Saturday. I hope you have someone in your life that treats you very special today! Your vote is in!

Posted 02/14/2015 07:42 am

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