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Interview with Matt Grant from The Bachelor: London Calling

Posted on 03/11/2008 by RealityWanted in The Bachelor

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Matt Grant a 27-year-old global financier decided to participate in The Bachelor’s 11th season as the first International Bachelor. We recently had the opportunity to partake in a conference call with the Matt and here’s what he had to say:

Q. How were you discovered and what made you want to be on The Bachelor?

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A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): I was at a London nightclub on a date believe it or not and it was going bad. A casting agent came up to me and asked me if I would be interested in participating in the show and left me their card. I didn’t think much of it but they ended up contacting me again and I ended up on the show.

Q. What was the craziest experience you had while filming in the United States?

A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): Lots. I enjoyed the times in the states. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like but we ended up doing so many activities and we all had a great time.

Q. Did you find love?

A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): Yes I did find love and all of the other girls definitely met my expectations.

Q. Why did you want to date American women?

A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): My brother had brought back an American woman and my family ended up loving her so I guess I have a soft spot for American women. Also American women are more outgoing than European women and they seem more confident and speak their mind.

Q. What types of women are you looking for?

A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): Someone that makes me laugh and gets along easily with me.

Q. Are you planning on moving to the United States or moving your potential bride back to the UK?

A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): Either country is great, we will see, I am open to both.

Q. Were you able to be yourself on the show?

A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): I just tried to be myself. I understood that the women had a hard time trying to mold to what I want but most of them were there for the right reasons and were themselves.

Q. What mistakes have you made with past relationships that you think have held you back from meeting a nice girl?

A. Matt Grant, (The Bachelor): I think playing it too cool and keeping my guard up has held me back a little.

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