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Big Brother 9 Recap – The Upper Shelf Is Done, Operation Condor is in Effect

Posted on 02/24/2008 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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By Mit Leary

Tonight’s show opens with a recap of Jen and Parkers eviction with Ryan’s commentary on how much it hurt him to see Jen get evicted, wait until he sees his girlfriends comments on how racist he is. Allison then talked about how happy she was to see Jen go and now Ryan and her can build their friendship and relationship, did she say relationship? Remember, Allison did comment several times since the show started that Jen wasn’t good for Ryan and she would be a much better fit for him. Parker and Jens photos then went grey on the memory wall and Matt then said the gravity of the game finally hit him.

Next we watched a recap of last weeks HOH competition and James and Chelsia’s excitement in the diary room as the new power couple.  Those two seem to be doing pretty good even though Chelsia said Big Brother screwed up matching her with a guy who rode a bicycle not a motorcycle. That bowtie tattoo has to go, I suppose you can go visit Dr. Will in a few years once you realize what a bad idea that was, just like barbed wire and tribal arm band tattoos.

Amanda then talked about how she threw up in her mouth when James and Chelsia won HOH assuming she will be on the block. Natalie was elated they won, Allison also felt safe that Chelsia would not put her on the block. Joshua was very exited to see King Alex and Queen Amanda fall from their thrown and forced to sleep with the peasants.

Joshua, wearing a king’s crown, sat down to tell Sharon about the new lesbian couple in the house, Sheila and Allison.  Is it good to have everyone say it makes sense after you lie and say you’re a lesbian when your really not? Sharon and Joshua said they would keep it secret and use it to their benefit.

 Later we find James, Ryan and Adam in the backyard chatting. James then let them in on his plan saying, “the upper shelf is done.” What’s the upper shelf? The upper shelf are the houseguests whose photos appear on the top row of the memory wall that includes: Jen, Parker, Alex and Amanda. James dubbed this “Operation Condor.”

While in the hot tub, Natalie told Amanda how much her and Matt have in common.  She told Amanda that Matt wants seven kids and she also wants seven kids. She also said Matt helps put dirty thoughts into her head and she forgot what that feels like, did she say head? Later she jumped into an HOH bubble bath and invited Matt in. Matt came into the bathroom to give her some soap and said as much as he wants to, they can’t have sex. Natalie said what makes you think we will have sex, Matt said I know we would if I wanted to. Matt later told the diary room how he thinks she is cute and nice but doesn’t want romance to get in the way of the game.  (Good call Matt, guess you saw what happened to Nick last season)

 Allison then came up with the worst idea yet.  She told Sheila it might be a good idea to come clean and tell Joshua and Sharon they are not lesbian lovers since two other couples already got busted up. Sheila then asked what the purpose of telling them would be since Sheila feels Joshua would turn on them for lying about being gay. (Hello Allison did you see Joshua cut Amanda to the bone last week?)  Sheila is apprehensive to tell everyone since it’s a lie and reluctantly went along with it. (Earth to Allison, were you not the one who hated holding the Jen/Ryan secret and when it came out all four of you were targeted for holding a secret.)

On the food competition, the house was broken into two teams, yellow and green. Yellow was Joshua, Sharon, Ryan, Allison, Natalie and Matt, the green team consisted of everyone else. The backyard looked like a fisherman’s wharf gone bad, there were boats, water and dead fish everywhere. The teams broke into two groups of three leaving three people in the boat and three to run around and toss fish into the opposing team’s nets hoping to make the nets so heavy each person on the boat would drop his or her net. Adam on team green was the last to hold his net and Joshua on the yellow team was the last holding his, Adam dropped his net first and the green team was put on slop for a week which included: Alex, Amanda, Adam and Sheila.

 Up in the HOH room James and Chelsia jumped in bed and started making out.  James must have told Chelsia he would stick some playing cards into the spokes of his bike to make it sound like a motorcycle, I don’t think anyone saw this coming, maybe those who watch the feeds but I had no clue.

 Later Allison and Sheila broke the news to Chelsia they lied about being a married lesbian couple, then James walked in and was also told the news.  Next Allison told Joshua about the lesbian lie. Joshua told the diary room this didn’t sit well with him.  Josh then went upstairs to talk with Chelisa and they didn’t seem very happy. They felt that if they could lie about this they could lie about anything.  (Earth to Allison, I thought Jacob was the dumbest Big Brother player ever, then I thought Jen was, now I think you will receive this award being that you just watched people get booted for LYING.) Surprise… Chelsia and James were pissed off and Chelsia said wanted to put them on the block.

Then here comes the curve ball, Matt and Natalie and Amanda and Alex were placed on the block even after James told Matt he would not be put up. James then told Matt during the nomination ceremony he put Natalie and Matt up so they can win POV and get Alex and Amanda kicked. Matt said James is a double crosser and that you should never trust anyone with pink hair, Matt is now gunning for James.

See you all Tuesday!

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