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​Bravo's 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 6 Premieres Dec. 4

Posted on 11/16/2017 by RealityWanted in Vanderpump Rules and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Do you think reality stars trying to make it in Hollywood ever get tired of being waitstaff? The answer is, well... complicated.

The Toms (Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz), are ready to branch out and own their own business. But not without the help of restaurant/nightclub veteran Lisa Vanderpump. Let's just say, if you're going to have a mentor, pick a good one, but maybe don't argue with the experts. And now that Tom's got things to do, it's no surprise that Ariana is feeling left out and not letting Tom forget it.


Scheana's divorce is almost over and now that she's back in the dating scene, her coworkers have a lot to say about it. But not necessarily to her face. So is the way with James and a "shocking rumor" about his sex-life... which Lala may be in the middle of.


Favorite villain, Stassi, is simply trying to save her relationship with her boyfriend, Patrick. And sidekick, Kristen, just wants Jax and Brittany to break up. Why? Well, why not? But Jax and Brittany may be headed to splitsville without Kristen's help.


We can watch it all go down on the Season Six Premier, Monday, December 4th at 9p ET/PT. And for even more young, hot people, we also get a bonus "Vanderpump Rules How They Got Here" Monday, November 27 at 10p ET/PT. Half an hour of the most memorable, most dramatic, most intense moments of the past five season. Check out the sneak peek trailer of season six here.


Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Paul Drinkwater/Bravo



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