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'RHONY' Season 9 Final Recap: Thank You and Good Night

Posted on 08/14/2017 by RealityWanted in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


At the start of this episode we hear Luann telling us that Tom completes her. She exclaims at this point in shooting the season, she had only known her husband a year and a half. In real life, if you've been paying attention, Luann is already getting divorced. According to "sources" in the online rag-mags, it's due to his indiscretions. Basically what all of the other Housewives had been screaming at her for two seasons.

Remember when Luann lived at Sonja's? If living at Sonja's is any indication, Tinsley will be married soon (to Scott, the man Carole introduced her to), and so will Sonja quite possibly. Girl is in lurve with "Frenchi", her young French lover. She still has Rocco as a backup plan so don't worry about Ms. S. But maybe Carole is wrong, maybe it's not "haunted in a good way" as they all think, now that Luann's relationship has hit the rocks.

But so has Tinsley and Sonja's relationship. That's why Tinsley is now living in a hotel. Right, a hotel. Because she doesn't want the commitment of living in an apartment. Um.... don't you have to move your crap in both... and aren't you essentially RENTING, not owning, both? Ok. Regardless, she is having a moving out party. She deemed it the "Thank you, fvck you party" in Mexico. She claims it's meant to be a positive shindig but hosting a party because you're no longer living with your friend is a pretty deep cut. Now everyone is aghast that Sonja has no intention of joining them at the party. For perspective, everything says "Thank you, Sonja" on it. The cake, the decor, the lights projected on the floor, the too tight t-shirts on the male waiters/bar tenders.

Low and behold, it's not that Sonja didn't want to come, it's that she wanted to make a grand entrance. And she wants to be sickening rude. Probably because it really is a "Thank you, fvck you party". Nevertheless, it's discourteous to not accept the toasts and gifts ($5k at Bergdorf Goodman!) at a party planned just for you. Tinsley does it anyways and everyone kisses and makes up.

Important notes from this episode: Tom talking to former flame, Missy... aka NOT Luann!

Tom: ::cough cough::
Missy: What's wrong are you sick?
Tom: No, no, no, I just get a little choked up when I see you.
Missy: Same thing.
Tom: I can't say that.
Missy: The feeling is mutual.

Dude. YOU'RE MIC'D! Oh, well, he knew that he was being recorded because he "unplugs" before he continues his conversation. Oh. Em. Gee!!!!

Tinsley: Her and Scott are still going strong. He's moving to NYC in the fall so the two can live together... not in a hotel.
Carole: Is training for the NYC Marathon this fall.
Bethenny: Dating and renovations aside, she has taken her apartment off the market for now.
Dorinda: Her daughter has moved out and her boyfriend is allowed to stay over. But she's happy being alone.
Luann: Her marriage to Tom lasted 7 months.
Sonja: She traveled to Paris to meet up with "Frenchi" but is still juggling him and Rocco at the same time.

See ya next season, ladies!

Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo


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