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RHONY: 'A Countess No More' Episode Recap

Posted on 06/15/2017 by RealityWanted in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Sonja is having trouble keeping Frenchie - her young lover - at a distance while she's dating Rocco - her "marriage material" guy. Tinsley seems to think Edgar (Frenchie) was made for her yet Sonja swept him up for herself. What a love triangle... um, maybe, square? Which pair will make it out of the four people involved? Looks like it's all too late because Edgar is now moving in. Even though Sonja suggested he move on to Tinsley because they are both child bearing age. There's no stopping Edgar from inviting himself into her life, though. He'd rather adopt since Sonja is, well, older.

Bethenny wants too leave the Berkshires drama behind and host a NYC themed holiday party. Which means lots of booze, colorful art on the wall, modern furniture and a massive Skinny Girl bottle ice sculpture that serves alcohol. In case you were wondering, Ramona is NOT invited. But that's ok, Ramona would rather have cocktails with her college-age daughter and her college-age friends to discuss her relationship, or lack thereof, with Bethenny. If 21 year olds know better about maintaining healthy relationships, maybe you should take stock in your life. Also, let the girls be and go find friends your own age. It's awkward to watch her try to be as young as she thinks she is.

One woman who has actually left the other Housewives behind, at least for the New Year, is LuAnn. The only thing she'd give up her Countess title for is marry again. So now is finally the time for her to be a normal person again and shackle up to a new ball and chain. We see a few ex-Housewives as guests, but none of the current ones with the exception of Dorinda. Who needs drama at a wedding anyway? Well, maybe LuAnn wants a little smidgen of negative attention because she has invited the uninvited to a "wedding celebration". Dagger to the side or olive branch?

Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo


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