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#RHONY: 2 Weeks Notice Episode Recap

Posted on 06/01/2017 by RealityWanted in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


The New Yorkers are still in the Berkshires at Dorinda's house, and still talking about Tom kissing other women. The women are still beating Luann over the head with the accusations that Tom is a cheater. To be fair, they have text and picture proof from, it seems like, everyone in NYC. There is so much backing up their claims, that every single cast member has come together to convince Luann that they have her back if she want to become a runaway bride. Like Bethany says, Luann doesn't seem concerned with dispelling the rumors, just more about quieting the tongues. So shall it be.

Even Ramona and Bethany have semi-joined forces. And they hate each other! But now they have to find a way to get past their past, and move forward. Bethany would rather just exist alongside Ramona, while Ramona wants to have another conversation about a previous conversation, and cause more negative conversations surrounding it. With everything happening with her divorce, Bethany isn't really here for it. The "listen to your heart" pep talks are sending Bethany over the edge. But she doesn't share her life with the other ladies so they don't really know all of the details surrounding her divorce, motherhood, business.... life. To get it all out, she breaks down and vehemently exclaims that she whole heartedly believes that Luann is making a huge mistake by marrying Tom. Yes, she is probably projecting a little, but it's coming from a very real, very raw place.

As frosting on the cake (almost literally since they are cutting Dorinda's birthday cake(s)), Ramona wants to perch on Bethany's shoulder to "apologize". Gurl.... maybe back up a little and not bring this up after such an emotional night. But Ramona's not one to stay in the background, right?

Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/Bravo


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