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RHOBH: Boys, Blades and Bag of Pills

Posted on 01/26/2017 by Elizabeth in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Erika and Kyle are still in Mykonos and bonding about going from housewives to powerful women before Erika performs her new single, "Xxpen$ive", for the first time. Shall we just mention that in order to even perform the song she has to climb a rickety ladder to a cliff in full costume which includes very high Chanel boots. Event though it seemed that her performance was perfect and the crowd loved her, let's talk about the afterparty... an impromptu photo shoot in their bathing suits in an infinity pool, in front of an amazing sunrise... in MYKONOS! Dreams.

Eileen, Lisa R. and Dorit are headed to Venice Beach to go roller blading. Well, after Dorit's tumbles they conclude that discussing PK's 49th birthday party under a tree are more fitting. This party, by the way, is being crashed by Boy George who performing for the guests. The biggest part of this party, however, is Kyle's sister, Kim, and Eden's sobriety contest. When Kim talks about the anxiety mothers have when leaving their children and her emotions surrounding the impeding birth of her grandson, Eden chimes in with assumptions that this will lead to Kim falling off the wagon. What??

Lisa V. and Eden are having tea in the garden to get to know one another. After Eden's description of her most recent break-up one wonders how stable Eden actually is. We hear over and over again how her sister died of a drug overdose and about her own sobriety, but she still seems a little unhinged. This conversation leads them to Kyle and her sister, Kim. Eden goes as far as to call Kyle an enabler, possibly repeating what Lisa R. had said to her before. But Lisa V. isn't having it. Kyle is her bff and she'll be having none of that talk. Funny enough, later that night, she admits to Lisa R. and Dorit over aloe juice that she would put a Xanax in her smoothie in a heartbeat. I guess even reformed addicts get anxiety. And Dorit's will always get gossipy. Lisa V. doesn't care about Lisa R.'s bag of pills (aka vitamins).

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo


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