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'Ladies of London': the Ladies in the High Castle

Posted on 01/19/2017 by Elizabeth in Ladies of London and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


It would appear at first that the attention has left Caroline S. and landed on her new bff Juliet. Mostly because Juliet likes to explode at every turn, no matter the energy of the conversation. Julie even goes as far as to call her the "embarrassing American". Hate to tell ya, but you're all showing your asses a little here.

Caroline S. is slowly showing her vulnerability. Not only is it apparent that she has emotions, but perhaps weaknesses, too. While some may mistake her long-term friendships as powerful, she sees them as possibly dangerous. These women know her and know what it takes to make her fall... there's no doubt they'll use their information against her at some point. Maybe that's why she's constantly on guard?

While in Scotland the women do a whiskey tasting which, according to them, tastes like "cat bottom", "petrol", "toxic gas" and "like licking wood". They also get to enjoy Haggis: a Scottish dish consisting of sheets stomach stuffed with minced internal organs, seasoned for flavor. Yummy. These are the women who dare not even taste venison (deer meat), so you can guess this didn't get wolfed down easily.

After their ceremonial dinner, the women start suspecting that Marissa may be experiencing postpartum depression. Maybe it's hormones? Maybe she's missing her newborn? It could even be baby blues. But it is obvious that Marissa is in an emotional place and cannot take the women's constant aggression. To lighten the mood they start humping each other with balloons. As in, trying to pop the balloons with their groins against each other. There's a lot of thrusting and rubber for their husbands to not yet be in town.

When the husbands finally arrive in Scotland Julie, Sophie and Caroline S.'s makeup artist try to explain Marissa's emotional state to her husband. He quickly tries to flatten the situation by exclaiming that she is fine, she is looked after and she normal. Maybe Sophie is right, maybe the other women didn't understand the extent of Marissa and the baby's health problems. It's not an excuse Julie is willing to hear.

Nevertheless, several dinner speeches and apologies later, the crew gets to enjoy fireworks outside to send Caroline S. and her husband off in style. Except they'r not quite off to Dubai right this moment so maybe we will get more dinner speeches again.


Photo by: NBCUniversal


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