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Exclusive Interview with Shanna Moakler, Celebrity Judge on CW's �Crowned�

Posted on 12/26/2007 by RealityWanted in Crowned

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Shanna Moakler a celebrity judge on the CW's show "Crowned" spoke with us the other day about how it is being a judge on the show. Shanna who was born in Rhode Island and won Miss USA in 1995 has extensive experience when it comes to pageants and competitions. Currently she resides in Los Angeles where she has focused her efforts over the last several years staring in movies like Big Mammas House 2 and various TV shows like "E!'s Wild On" and CSI Las Vegas.


Jason: How was it being on Crowned versus being the star of your own show in the past? What's the difference?

Shanna Moakler, (Crowned): It was so fun. It has been a blast working with the other judges, Carson Kressley is so funny, we laugh and don't take it too serious. Some of the duos we are seeing are so sweet and have great personalities.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): How did you get cast to be a judge on the show?

Shanna Moakler, (Crowned): They called me and asked me if I wanted to be on the show. Obviously with my background in pageants they thought it would be a good idea.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): With your background in pageants, how are these duos matching up?

Shanna Moakler, (Crowned): Some of the girls are really good and actually could compete in pageants while others really lack the experience they need. There is a lot of diversity and that's what makes it great for us as judges. As a judge we are looking for diversity and to see how the teams interact with each other.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): Why is the pageant different from other beauty pageants?

Shanna Moakler, (Crowned): It is really interested having a mother and daughter compete together. Mothers can sometimes be possessive as we have seen on the show so watching some of their relationships grow as they work together is great. It's not just a beauty pageant we are looking for substance. We are looking for looks, attitudes, bonds and a lot more.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): What do you think the keys to winning are?

Shanna Moakler, (Crowned): Every week the criteria changes for the contestants so we look to see how they interact in the challenges. Confidence is very important but not to the point where it becomes arrogant.

Jason, (RealityWanted.com): So you have been on a lot of shows including "Dancing with The Stars" and even your own show "Meet the Barkers" what else do you have coming up?

Shanna Moakler, (Crowned): I am currently working on a few projects and have a lot of good stuff coming up. Can't talk about it yet but you'll see me soon.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): Thanks for speaking with us today, do you have a Myspace account for viewers that want to contact you?

Shanna Moakler (Crowned): Yes, it is www.Myspace.com/ShannaMoakler




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