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'The Real Housewives of Beveryly Hills' Finale: Who do you Believe?

Posted on 04/13/2016 by Elizabeth in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Back in the real world of jet lag after Dubai, Kyle is having a party at her La Quinta house and her sister Kim is invited. Kyle conveniently forgets to tell Kim's arch nemesis, Lisa R., that they would be partying together... so, basically someone ordered fireworks. But that set won't go off until Yolanda and Lisa V. get to finally discuss it all.. queen v. queen. For some reason Kyle is now saying that Lisa V. didn't have anything to do with the munchausen conversation, completely contrary to the discussions had in Dubai. Yolanda finds the entire situation fishy and unbelievable. Eileen feels that without any resolution, the group will implode. Or explode. Or plode.

Finally the original fireworks begin when Kim pulls Lisa R. aside. Kim is expecting some sort of apology or conclusion to the dysfunctional relationship, but Lisa R. has no intention of falling into the trap. It feels as if Lisa R. would eventually be the reason Kim relapses again because of their animosity towards one another. Maybe they should start avoiding each other altogether?

It is finally revealed that Yolanda and David are divorcing. Now the women have something new to discuss and the main topic is, why? They feel that Yolanda is so "perfect" what did he see wrong with her? Was it her illness that did them in? Ericka is the only one invited to the explanation and meets Yolanda at her new home. Apparently the were "two human beings going through the ups and downs". Yet Yolanda is treating it like a death in the family and she misses her best friend. Does anyone else feel that leaving her (or her leaving him) as she's feeling better is either an unfortunate coincidence or perhaps part of the problem/solution? Lisa R. seems to think Yolanda will start feeling much much better very quickly. Hmmm...

Most interesting moments of the night:
- Ken calling Lisa R. a "stupid f***ing b***h", "silly cow" and "wanker" when Lisa V. reveals to him that Lisa R. called her a liar about the munchausen subject. Whoa! Taking loyalty to the limits.
- Lisa V. swiftly apologizing to Faye as she left the party. FAYE!

Finale updates:
"Lisa R.'s lips are working in her favor at the moment. She shot a talk show pilot. And is starting a lip gloss line. Really. Eileen has suggested Erika for a small part on The Young & The Restless. Hopefully in exchange for a role in Erika's next music video. Kyle's scripted pilot about her childhood will be shooting this summer. There's no word on whether Kim will have a role in it. Despite Lisa V. wanting to slow down, she and Ken may be opening a new restaurant in West Hollywood soon. Not in a sex shop. Erika Jayne's latest single contains the refrain: "How any f***s do I give? Zero." It may or may not have been inspired by hernia friendships. Kathryn's hearing device has been a game changer for her. Soon she'll be hearing French accents, as she and Donnie have purchased a chateau in France. Health wise, Yolanda feels the best she has in three years. She plans to see Gigi and Bella on the runway at Paris Fashion Week in June."


Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo


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