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Naked and Afraid: All Falls Down

Posted on 04/11/2016 by Elizabeth in Naked And Afraid and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Kacie is a 30 year old from Washington with a lot of gym skills and no nature skills. She's literally afraid of everything except pain but is doing this to prove she won't give up. She brings along a net and a PSR of 4.8. Aaron is a 38 year old from Florida and is a stay at home dad/student. He grew up fishing so he's totally prepared. He brings along a machete and a PSR of 6.6. Could this be the most underprepared pair ever in the show? Luckily they were given a fire starter and Kacie takes to it like a moth to a flame... see what I did there? She doesn't even consider that a skill so how embarrassed are all those previous survivalists that listed that as their number one skill? Ha!

They are in the Belize jungle at the Selva Maya which is overgrown, impenetrable and dangerous because of falling trees, fer-de-lance vipers, wild boar and the largest concentration of jaguars. There's also this awesome little bug called a torsalo which burrows under skin and eat human flesh. It can cause itching, lump node irritating and severe pain. Forget the trees, think about this little critter!! No, thanks!

In order to avoid flooding at the lagoon they find, they make their camp about 100 ft higher. Katie uses part of her net as underwear to keep "the bugs out of the goods" and he uses material they came across on the jungle floor. Kilt not so much. Aaron's name of this game is that he wants to work "smart not hard" but Kacie likes to wear herself thin. Strangely she ignores her confidence and does whatever Aaron thinks is best. That's trust, people. She even drinks out of what looks like stagnant water because Aaron claims to know it is safe because he has had "plenty of wild water" in his life. Oh, ok... in that case. She also trusts him all the way to a bee hive with his machete in search of honey (huge fail). Honey, no. Methinks her inexperience equals naivety.

After a big storm they are left rebuilding their above ground shelter and now are desperate for food and fire. But there is no dry wood to be found. Kacie decides to work on getting to the heart of palm but Aaron convinces her to stop and slow down... "work smarter not harder". Unfortunately for Aaron he gets infested with the botfly. Ok, just one botfly, but it has burrowed under his skin and will not come out until it matures. BLUGH! He is defeated and over it. Day 17 and he's ready to head home. But he doesn't and he redirects his attention to that damn heart of palm.

Now they have to trek through the most overgrown and undisturbed by human activity and densest population of jaguars. To prepare they use plants as socks and shoes to protect them from debris and snakes on the jungle floor. Aaron lost 25 pounds and his PSR rose to 7.4. Kacie lost 14 pounds, overcame her fears, and rose her PSR to 6.4. When we see Aaron again he is getting his botfly larvae lanced out. Would you do it?

Photo credit: Discovery Channel


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