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Survivor Kaoh Rong: Exclusive Interview with Peter Baggenstos

Posted on 03/30/2016 by Gina in Survivor

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Peter Baggenstos of Survivor Kaoh Rong


by Gina Scarpa


Peter Baggenstos entered the game of Survivor this season confident that he could easily manipulate his fellow players and make his way to the top. After voting out his closest alliance member Liz Markham, the Brains tribe set their sights on getting him out. Even though it would mean losing a number during a tribe switch up, Aubry Bracco and Joe del Campo banded together to vote him out at tribal. We chatted with Peter to find out what he felt were the flaws in his game and who he wished he got a chance to play the game with.


There were a lot of people trying to get you out of the game. Do you feel misunderstood in any way?
I think they have every right, given my body of work in the game. It was one dimensional, this over confident component, but I can also be very self deprecating.

What was it about your tribe that you just weren't able to connect with?
The only person that was really playing a social game was Aubry. Joe and Debbie were just building a hut and didn't want to talk strategy, which was frustrating. This is Survivor, not Tiddly Winks!


Did you feel like the tribe switch would help you or did you still feel you were in trouble?
Once I saw Joe and Aubry together, I knew I was in trouble. Anna should have come and spoken to me but she went off with Joe for two hours.


Was there anything you could have done after Liz was voted out?
No, after Liz was gone, I felt like the adopted kid in the family. I knew I was at the bottom.

If you could have chosen any player to align with, who would you have picked?
I think I would've worked well with Jen. I would've worked well with Anna if we had different circumstances. I liked Scott too and though I could have worked with him.

It looked like you might not go home so what happened before tribal council?
In the days leading up to tribal, I was lying on the beach with a fever. After I was voted out, I was flown to Minnesota to have hand and back surgery. I had no leg to stand on, I was done.


You talked a big game coming in. What went wrong?
In medicine, when you do something, it's well thought out. In Survivor, there's no plan and things change with the wind. When the game started, I was so frustrated because we weren't athletic which is one handicap but then, we have the oldest woman and guy on our tribe. I was mad. I felt like they were setting me up for failure. They took me away from my job so I could play on the Bad News Bears.


What would you change about your game and would you play again?
I would wire my mouth shut until the merge - really! Would I play again? Absolutely. That might be over confident Peter stepping in but I would love to have that scarlet letter removed, change my game, and show that I am someone who is trustworthy.



Survivor Kaoh Rong airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.


(Image courtesy of CBS)



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