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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Hearing Is Believing Episode

Posted on 03/16/2016 by Elizabeth in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Kathryn has decided to get a hearing aid after 18 years of waiting for something discreet enough to wear. Turns out her "hollering" was due to her lack of hearing, not her aggression towards others. Now she feels she owes a few apologies for the volume in her voice during heated discussions.

Former housewife, Camille Grammar, has survived endometrial cancer and is having a charity gathering to raise money and awareness. The way to get LA women to donate money is to dangle sparkles in front of their face and say that a portion of the money goes to charity. If the formula works... . Yolanda shows up with a new, very short, haircut and Lisa R. shows up shitting her pants out of fear that Yolanda may know what she told Eileen on the beach. You remember, the "she scares the shit out of me" disclosure. Yolanda feels the bad energy and tries to make it better but Lisa R. is offended that Yolanda cancelled on dinner with Erika. Because either of those things are Lisa R.'s business. Yet, Lisa R. feels that Yolanda is using her illness as a way to "get away with anything". Way harsh, Tai.

Mauricio is celebrating the hard work the ladies did for Habitat For Humanity by treating them all to dinner. Kyle one ups him by inviting everyone to Dubai. Instead of reveling in the excitement they have to discuss how everyone thinks that Lisa V. is manipulative and say their apologies while Lisa V. does this new thing where she changes the subject to deflect the attention. That was sarcasm.

Ken and Lisa V. have a march to protest the Yulin dog torturing and Yolanda has a speech to give in NYC at the Global Lyme Alliance. The most awkward thing of the entire trip is when Yolanda exclaims to her husband that she is sorry for getting sick following their wedding and she will make it up to him. We all know in real life they have since gotten a divorce. In the background we can ear David and his friend talk about how hard it has been being married to Yolanda during her illness. Eep!


Photo by: Andrew Eccles/Bravo


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