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'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Spinning a Web

Posted on 02/24/2016 by Elizabeth in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Kyle's husband, Mauricio, and his company have partnered with SoulCycle to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Each person donates $250 minimum to take a spinning class for charity. Most of the women look like they've done this before but Lisa V. showed up in her VanderPUMPS so one can assume that it's just not her thing. My things are those chips and salsa they're munching on afterwards at lunch.

Low and behold it's Lisa V.'s birthday but she doesn't want to make a deal out of it. However, when Yolanda brings her pretty pink flowers Lisa V. finds a way to turn a gift into a peace offering. One would assume that the olive branches need to be brought to Yolanda instead of the other way around. Maybe we're missing something. That thing must be the fact that Yolanda said Lisa R. is bipolar but says "I could put it out there but I won't"... which kinda means she has put it out there. Right? Now everyone is bringing something up that was recently considered resolved. Yolanda then threatens with the "secrets she holds in the vault, honey". Although, she refuses to call it a threat because she has "more integrity than that". Hmmm... Eventually Lisa V. leaves the lunch, because no one is free from attitude, and of course, Kyle takes it personally that Lisa V. didn't stay and back her up with Yolanda. Basically they are all stuck in fifth grade and cannot escape.

Did you know, there's an email? Yolanda sent it to Kyle but cc'd all of the other women. Kyle says it was a scolding, Yolanda says it was an explanation. Here it is:

"I'm coming out of a three year ordeal of living in a mentally paralyzed cocoon due to an infection in my brain called neuroborreliosis. I arrived with a great attitude yesterday and am proud of myself for making it out of bed and joining you girls. For you to come down on me so hard is beyond my understanding and left me quite confused. I'm just trying to catch up and participate. I don't need your pity but I do ask you kindly to respect my situation. Your lack of compassion is not a pretty look."


Did you know that Lisa V. has a wine bar in her yard? Like a she-shed meets lounge. She also has a new dog, Schnooky... to go along with her swans, dogs, miniature horses, and whatever else they are hoarding from the animal kingdom. At this ladies lunch that Lisa V. is hosting at her (gorgeous) home is just another chance to discuss the email. They also are giving themselves the opportunity to discuss Erika, since she's not present. Earlier Kathryn promised Erika that she'd be her new go-to-gal but here she is starting new drama behind Erika's back, basically saying Erika had warned her not to get caught in Lisa V.'s web. Oh boy. To be clear, those are not Erika's words. Lisa V. is over. it. She's tired of being brought into every conversation as the villain and ends up wagging her finger in Eileens' face. Can they move on? Ha! Doubt it.

(Photo by: Michael Larsen/Bravo)


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