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Duck Dynasty: Van He'llsing

Posted on 02/18/2016 by Elizabeth in Duck Dynasty and General News

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 by Ashley Thompson


Jases' long-haired and tattooed 21 year old son, Reed, is living in Nashville trying to make it as a musician. But at the moment he is stuck at a mechanic shop in Louisiana with a broken down van. Jase has to cancel his fishing trip with the boys to get him out of trouble but what's the most concerning to the doting father is the fact that Reed paid $5000 for a broken VW van. What's most concerning for Missy is that her son now has long hair and tattoos. How long has it been since the family has seen him?? They don't do FaceTime?

Impressive to Jep yet scary for Missy is Reed's resourcefulness, putting a duct tape seatbelt in the '69 seatbelt-less automobile. Nevertheless he makes it to his album release party... blue blazer, sock-less feet and all. He sounds lovely... good enough to make all the females in the family cry. And good enough that his parents believe in him so much that they were willing to make his van safe and reliable for his "tour". New engine, new seatbelts, new brakes, new wash.

Jep's son, River, spends a lot of time with sisters, so he's getting exposure to Van Damm and Segall movies courtesy of his dad. Willie suggest he get involved in wrestling at school. Apparently wrestling was so prevalent in the Robertson home, the boys would lose privileges because of their behavior. Willie has kept his "championship belt" all these years and Jep wants a try at pinning the title. But first, Kurt Angle (retired pro wrestler) is going to show the kids some moved. I thought this program was through the school? I'm going to go with Kurt Angle isn't an elementary school wrestling coach. If Jep keeps up his bromance flirting and creeper questioning, Kurt's not going to coach anyone anyways.

Winner of the not-long-enough-for-an-adult-waist belt is Jep... thanks to his son who likes to kick people when they're down. Literally. He kicked Willie allowing Jep to pin him for the win.


Photo by Gurney Productions


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