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RHOBH: Please Welcome Erika Jayne

Posted on 02/10/2016 by Elizabeth in The Real Housewives and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Yolanda is taking Lisa V. and Kyle to cryotherapy. Picture a stand-up tanning bed that flash freezes you instead of heating you up. While cynical, they also feel it is an effective treatment. They are trying to support Yolanda but they honestly think she's crazy.. but at least they get in a good giggle while getting frosty nipples. In turn, Yolanda confront them at lunch for not standing up for her when Lisa R. accused Yolanda of having muchausen and their discussion about her children. Yolanda very sternly puts Lisa V. in her place by explaining that her ex-husband actually pays for Bella and Anwar's lyme disease treatments so he very well knows their diagnosis. And wether or not Lisa V. has ever had a conversation with Muhammed is irrelevant because maybe, just maybe it wasn't something he has wanted to share. Yolanda grabs the mic, in this form it is the kid's medical records, and drops it. She also requests that Lisa V. apologize to her children for doubting their illness. Basically, ladies, kids are off limits. But they had a few things to say about it on twitter. Lisa R. responds to Yolanda depicting herself as a "scapegoat". She attacks Yolanda by saying "If you #KidsAreOffLimits why did YOU bring up them up on national television? Just Curious. Take Responsibility.". Yolanda's killer response? "


Photo credit: Bravo


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