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Running Wild With Bear Grylls and James Marsden

Posted on 08/26/2015 by Elizabeth in Running Wild with Bear Grylls and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Bear meets James Marsden in Utah's Rattlesnake Canyon. Because that sounds safe. "I'm here because apparently I've lost my mind," Precisely. Can he conquer his fear of not vomiting on camera?

Attached to the side of a helicopter, they make their way into the canyon onto an arch and into a case of vertigo. Their plan is to go thousands of feet down in search of food, up another mountain to camp, then back down to extraction. To get off the arch they have to do a simultaneous rappel, where each climber goes off the opposite side of the arch and they use their weight to counterbalance. An advance technique apparently. Welcome to your adventure, James. "What scares you, Bear?" "Cocktail parties."

7 miles due south they reach another cliff and it's either rappel again or hang on to the steep cliff face. Hang on it is. Therapy & snack time: James was apparently a little guy surrounded by big farm boys and didn't feel comfortable until he found theater. Let's move on and "chimney down". That means work it like Santa Clause.

Oh, look! A lizard! I mean, dinner! Off with the head and up to a ledge with a view to camp. "Fires are like our kids... you look after them when they're small and they look after you when they're big." Poetry from Bear Grylls. Speaking of children, James' divorce from his ex wasn't difficult and the kids took it well because they are still best friends. Cute.

Not wanting to do rappel alone, Bear refuses to tandem and James has to go down alone, nausea and all. After what seems like years, James is still on the cliff face headed down. Soon they finally reach the road and the adventure is over (and James' dinner is still in his stomach).


Photo credit: NBC


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