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#SYTYCD Season 12 Premiere: Interview with Paula Abdul

Posted on 06/01/2015 by Elizabeth in So You Think You Can Dance and Cast Interviews

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Before the start of  SYTYCD 11, the fate of the beloved dance competition was unknown, and now here we are on the day of the SYTYCD Season 12 premiere. Reality Wanted had the opportunity to talk to the new judge on the block, Paula Abdul.


Reality Wanted: What made you most excited to take this judging opportunity with So You Think You Can Dance?


Paula: Well, I actually spent the last year and four months in Sydney, Australia helping head up the panel for So You Think You Can Dance over there... I loved being part of the show that when I came back to the states, I was approached by Nigel to do the US version.  So, for me it was a perfect fit, hand to glove, it's what I do, and really happy to be a part of it.


Reality Wanted: This season with the stage versus street competition, do you think one is more advantageous than the other?


Paula: I'm really excited about the new twist of format because we have team captains.  Twitch the team captain of the street side, and Travis is the team captain of the stage side... I think with the two team captains, there's going to be a competitive edge that we haven't seen on this show...I don't think one is more advantageous.  I think you're going to see a tremendous amount of competition on both sides.  So, it's going to be fun.


Reality Wanted: Is there anything in particular about a dancer that really stands out to you or sets them apart?


Paula: Absolutely, and it's that inner confidence and just that belief that if I go out there and I just do my best. One of the things that I really, really thrive on is telling these dancers to be bold, be daring and show your unique ability... we've seen it all. Show us something that makes you stand out completely as a unique ability that we're going to be able to remember.


With Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo joining the judging panel with Nigel Lythgoe for Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance, we are so excited for this Stage vs Street season.


Photo credit: FOX



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