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Interview with Mandy Lynn from VH1s Americas Most Smartest Model

Posted on 10/23/2007 by RealityWanted in Americas Most Smartest Model and Cast Interviews

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Originally from Long Island, New York, Mandy who is 26 has accomplished a lot over her years. She has been in numerous magazine articles, featured in Playboy and the list goes on and on. Recently Mandy decided to be a cast member of the hit reality show America's Most Smartest Model on VH1 and we had the pleasure interviewing her about her experiences:

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: How did you hear about the show? Why do you think they picked you?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: I was contacted by a casting director that was working on the show and he asked me if I would be interested in being on the show. I think he found me on Myspace. I had to go to NYC for some interviews and eventually was cast for the show. I think they were looking for people with modeling backgrounds and fun unique personalities, if you were just a model and smart you were not going to be cast, you had to be entertaining.

Q. Jason: Would you do it all over again if you had to? Have you thought about being on other reality shows?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: Absolutely! I had a great experience overall. Would be cool if they do a spin-off of the show and bring me back--and don't pick on me! Haha but yeah, I am interested in doing more TV shows definitely! Bring it on!

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com Tell me a little bit about how you got started on the internet and in the modeling industry.

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: I used to take pictures with my friends and we would post them up online. After awhile I started getting contacted by some big name photographers and then Playboy came to my town for a casting. I went, and they liked me, and the rest is history! From there I started my site www.clubmandylynn.com so fans could come visit me.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Are you planning on staying in NY or moving to CA? What are your future plans? Anything coming up we should look for?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: I plan on staying in NY but do travel for modeling and TV work. But only for really good stuff, I hate to travel so I will only do it if I feel it is for something really good and of course I am continuing with modeling! I have lots of cool stuff coming up in the future so to find out just visit my website!

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: What did you like most about being on the show? What did you not like?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: I think the worst part about the show was dying my hair. The fact that I ruined my hair and was still eliminated wasn't fair. I think Mary Alice Stephenson picked on me a lot and never really gave me a fair shot because she really didn't like me from day one. I don't think she could get over the fact that I was a Playboy/Lingerie/Bikini model and never really took me seriously. It definitely was not equal opportunity when it came to the judging. I think the best part of the show was just getting to be there. The whole experience was great and even though I am not a drama queen it is fun to watch! The fights with Andre were crazy! lol

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Did you get along with the other contestants? Any of them you liked?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: They were alright. People on the show really did not take me serious and I never got a chance to show my fun bubbly personality. Also the show got too serious so I wasn't able to be myself. I did get along *oddly enough* with Andre. Jesse and Daniel were cool too.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: What's your favorite Reality Show?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: 51 Minds has produced some great shows, my favorite right now besides America's Most Smartest Model of course is I Love New York. I think that show is too funny, New York is such a character.

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: Tell us something that your fans don't know about you?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: hmmm...Flying makes me nervous, I try not to fly too much because I am always concerned that the plane might go down or we might run out of gas. lol I know I'm silly!

Q. Jason RealityWanted.com: What is the best way for our readers to contact you or read about your latest events?

A. Mandy Lynn America's Most Smartest Model: They can go to either my webpage which is www.clubmandylynn.com or they can find me on Myspace at www.myspace.com/sexymandylynn

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