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Teen Mom - Maci Quits Over Farrah's Return!

Posted on 04/28/2015 by Jessica in Teen Mom

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by Jessica Blackwell


Maci, Amber, and Catelyn were told by MTV producers this week that Farrah was returning to the show. 


Amber felt like she should have never been taken off in the first place, so she was all for it. She brought up all the crazy things she's been through on the show.  Caitlin and Tyler, despite previously having their issues with Farrah, felt that she could be a "good person" and didn't mind that she was coming back. 


Maci, however, was a different story. First she thought the producers were joking. Then when she realized they were serious, she quit. Point blank, simple. She said that she didn't want to put her son on stage with someone who had done pornography. She even went and picked up Bentley from Ryan's parents house, scared that MTV would try and film him behind her back. Ironically, the issue with Farrah turned out to bond Ryan and Maci. For the first time in well, forever, Ryan agreed with Maci on an issue and even she said was right! Hell just froze over. 


On A Closer Look, Maci elaborated on why she was so pissed that Farrah was asked to return. She didn't want Bentley on a show where they might be taping at strip clubs, etc and she didn't care for her the producers telling her on camera. She said that her decision has nothing to do with Farrah personally, but more with the way she wants to parent.  I do think that she was exaggerating with the filming at strip clubs, but I understand why she balks at Farrah's choices. Maci really used her platform to try and impact teens in a good way and Farrah in a sense, poopooed all over that. 


I was hoping that by this time Maci would have resumed filming and she and Farrah would have put aside their differences, but no dice. They went at it during the show and Maci is still not filming. Upcoming previews for the season show them getting into it again at an event. How long is this going to go on????


Stay tuned to see what happens! 


Teen Mom airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV. 


(image courtesy of MTV)




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