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19 Kids and Counting: Josiah Is Courting

Posted on 04/13/2015 by Elizabeth in 19 Kids and Counting and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


It looks like another Duggar is ready to populate the world. Well, that's the end goal presumably. Josiah Duggar has just announced on his instagram and to People.com that he is courting Marjorie Jackson.


How'd they meet? Marjorie's mother, Analucia, was teaching Josiah Spanish at her home. Then after a mission trip to El Salvador in December, sparks flew. From probably 500 feet away. But, hey! bring on the side hugs!


Who is Josiah Duggar? He is the bow-tie wearing 8th born, 4th son, of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. At 18 years old, he's probably not makings older siblings life any easier by courting so young. Although eldest son Josh along with sisters Jill and Jessa are all married off, there are four older siblings not married/courting (Jana, John David, Jinger and Joseph). He attended the International ALERT (Air and Land Emergency Resource Team) Academy in Texas. The Christian organization trains young men to help during disasters. He plays the cello and apparently is learning Spanish.


Who is Marjorie Jackson? The 17 year old daughter of a Spanish speaking mother, but also the oldest of five girls. According to People.com she plays the piano, she acts and she's an author, writing a book encouraging young girls to read the Bible. Something we haven't heard from the Duggar side of life is college. Marjorie is graduating high school but she's also taking college-level graphic design classes (Daddy is a graphic designer). She's also had a crush on Josiah for a while, telling People.com, "For me it was an immediate thing, I have always admired him and his family."


How they will court: Courting involves the notion that you are getting to know your future spouse. It is not meant to be casual or fleeting. While modern ideas of dating include physical contact Josiah, like his older siblings, will adhere to the "rules" of no holding hands, kissing, or front hugs. And each date will include a chaperone as will text message communications.


A special message from Josiah and Marjorie will air on this week's episode.


Photo credit: Josiah Duggar's Instagram


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