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Interview With Blake Bowman From SPIKE TVs The Ultimate Fighter

Posted on 10/15/2007 by RealityWanted in The Ultimate Fighter and Cast Interviews

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Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What originally got you involved in MMA?

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: It started out when I really wanted something to do. I was a fan and wanted to try out for MMA. I found a gym and started training. I had a fightand got the shit kicked out of me. I took a step back and evaluated my life. I was drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes. I could have stuck with that party life style but MMA made me happy.

Q. Mark: Why did you try out for THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER?

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: I never thought I was able or good enough to try out for it. A good friend of mine, Charles McCarthy, convinced me to do it. I sent in a try out video and I got a call to come try out, and here I am.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What was it like to be on Team Hughes with his military approach to training? It looked like he rode you guys when Billy lost.

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: It wasn't like we got punished for Billy not doing well. Hughes took us from 8 guys on a TV show worried about cameras to 8 guys who were ready to fight. He really rallied us together in a very short amount of time. We help each other out. It did feel like punishment, but looking back he wanted us to step it up.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Did those weakest links comments bug you at all?

A. Blake Bowman The Ultimate Fighter: It got to me. It bothered me. When I went there I knew I was the least experienced hands down. I have had 7 armature fights so in a shorter amount of time and with less training I have had more fights than Billy, Mattie etc. . I just didn't have the training that's why I went on the show.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Sierra said Hughes is egomaniacal dick? What did you think about that comment?

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: It's true, but he is the kind of person that you can still take that with a grain of salt. Matt is a guy I would never had been friends with in high school. I was on the show with his name on my back and I gave him 100% each time. I stepped in the ring to fight and in return he gave me all he could to make me the best fighter I could be in 6 weeks.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What about MAC? I think you commented on how you look up to Mac Danzig but it looks like he may not feel the same vibe?

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: It's how Mac dealt with the house. He felt like it was starting to be a joke to be in the house. After he fought Joe S. he looked at being at the house as an inconvenience. Mac came up to me and said you don't need to be here. He was saying there were no more easy fights here, and I think that since I don't shave my head and get tribal tattoos that I don't take it seriously since I crack jokes. People think that if they don't see me saying murder murder kill kill, that I'm not ready to fight, but I am. What Mac said to me outside prior to the fight was ridiculous, so I snickered and he thought I was another guy who didn't need to be in the house, like Richie Hightower.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Talk to me about the fight. Do you think the injury you sustained during training may have been a factor in your loss??

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: The ribs were not a factor in the fight. Matt Hughes said it best "he will be in pain but in no danger to fight." I went in and fought how I would have without the injury but I was a little less aggressive,

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: How is your knee and what happened to it?

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: Did you like that cardboard box with saran wrap they placed on my leg? At the time the docs said I may have come to the show with a small tear in my ACL. Since the show, I did have surgery on my acl and I am eight weeks post op. No disrespect to Richie, he did beat me but his punches didn't hurt me. I didn't feel like I was in danger. Everyone keeps telling me I got clipped with the punch and went down, but if you see the fight you will notice I got hit in the shoulder. Both Richie and I knew I could have beat him to the ground. It's like I wanted to look better and ego kept getting in the way. I wanted to be more technical and look good. I wanted to get him to force a take down.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Got a myspace you want to share?

A. Blake Bowman, The Ultimate Fighter: www.myspace.com/bowmanb

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