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Kendra on Top: Back to Reality

Posted on 11/15/2014 by Elizabeth in Kendra and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Sons of Beaches

Eric takes Kendra to a HUGE dinner party to meet all of his friends. It must be a little awkward for her to meet him and them all in one day but she's acting like it's a blessing and she fits right in.


Now Eric wants to meet Hank and the kids. Hank and Hank Jr. catch red eye flight to Costa Rica to share in Kendra's joy. It's interesting that Hank Sr. is so willing to do whatever Kendra wants when he you would think he'd rather hang his head in shame. (The baby is too young so she is staying with Hank's parents.) The first official meeting and Hank Jr. is calling Eric "Grand-dude". The perfect name for a surfing grandaddy. How sweet it must feel to see your father teaching your son how to surf, especially for someone as sporty as Kendra.

Side note: it's refreshing to see that even after a day at the beach, no makeup, saltwater hair and Kendra is still more than willing to take pictures with fans.


Wasting no time filling the father role, Eric is giving the protective father talk to Hank. The only thing Hank divulges is that he is afraid to talk for fear of the words coming out wrong. He feels it's better to say silent than to say the wrong thing. But he just needs to open up or he'll lose his family. No one knows that pain more than Kendra's dad.


The Son-In-Law Also Rises

Kendra is testing Hank and he's barely treading water. As far as Kendra is concerned, Hank is going down... unless he tells her the truth. "Do you understand I'm standing in front of the two men that have hurt me the most in my life?" That's a lot for one person to handle. It brings Hank to tears begging for Kendra's forgiveness. It would appear that Eric is willing to forgive Hank, can Kendra?


Now that Kendra is back in LA, it's back to reality. Those pics on the beach with the fans? Well, TMZ posted them online and now Patti feels slighted. Kendra's intention was to tell her mother about the reunion as soon as she got home, but social media beat her to it. Patti's response: "Well I continue to be hurt & disrespected by my daughter. So please don't mention her or ask me anything about her. Thanks!" Ouch. After the best five days of her life, Kendra comes home to this. Kendra is LIVID! And rightly so. Where can their relationship go from here?


Photo credit: WeTv


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