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Catching Up With Jayanna From NBCs Age Of Love

Posted on 09/21/2007 by RealityWanted in Age of Love and Cast Interviews

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After watching NBC's summer 20 something vs. 40 something dating reality show I wondered if the ladies had found love off camera. I caught up with Jayanna Howerton last week to chat about life after "Age Of Love".

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com � Jayanna, great to talk with you again. I know it's been a month or so since Age of Love ended. What have you been up to since the show ended and when did filming actually end?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love - We ended filming the end of May, somewhere around May 29th. I was booted around May 20th. I ended up taking the summer off work since I wanted to enjoy the beach the whole summer. Now that I am ready to go back to work, the mortgage business is terrible. I have been having a great time working Hermosa Beach at the Cruze Room. I have also been working hard on a treatment for a new show which I will be hosting

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - Do you stay in touch with any of the ladies from Age Of Love?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � I do stay in touch with Jen, we are very close and so are Jodie and I, it's nice that the three of us became friends. I also talk to Maria every now and then.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - Do you talk with to Mark?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � I don't talk to Mark and Jen and I don't think Amanda talks Mark. I heard some people said they are not dating and some say they just went on vacation recently. I do know Amanda just flew out recently to LA to see some guy.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - Any type of reunions planned?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � I have not heard anything at all. We never really had a big wrap party. All the parties we had together were things we threw for ourselves.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - Do people recognize you out on the street after being on Age Of Love?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � It's funny to me that people recognize me. I will be jogging in Hermosa and I will have guys chase after and say hey that's Jayanna. All types of people from young to old.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - I am sure you watched all the episodes, are you happy with how they portrayed you?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � I was happy with how they did it. They had my face in almost every preview commercial. I thought that was very sweet. I think it's because I had something to say and it was a bit controversial. They could have made me out to be just horrible since I say what I feel. I felt bad for Mary since all they did was show her crying all the time. She is cute funny and has great sense of humor; and it's sad no one had a chance to see that on air. Mary is also fun to around.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com � Did the show change you in anyway or how you approach relationships with people?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � After watching myself on TV, I have learned I can be a bit impatient and judgmental, and those things aren't pretty so I have leaned not to be those things. I have to look at myself in the mirror and see how I can work on these things.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - Do you know which of the girls are not hooked up in relationships?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � Jen started dating a guy in June and they are very happy right now.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - Is he younger or older?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � I think Jen's guy is 35. He is great and totally in love with her.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - What about your love life?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � I am with someone now.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com - Who is he and how did you both meet?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � On the NBC audition video I sent in there was a part where I was filming myself playing a game pool at a bar called Northend. I met a guy there that night that had a girlfriend at the time. His energy was great and he was great looking. I talked with him and found out he had a girlfriend so I said oh well. Ironically a week after I left the show I was standing in line at a night club and he was behind me, we started talking and I found out he was single.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com � How funny, so in a way you did find love from being on the show. Had you not filmed your audition tape you may have never met.

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � Very true, I never thought of it like that. I adore him, he is sweet, passionate, loving, kind and giving. I have plans to be with him for quite a while or forever.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com � So is he younger or older?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � We are both 39.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com � Well it was great catching up with you and I want to thank you for your time. If fans of the show would like to say hi can they find you on myspace?

A. Jayanna Age Of Love � They sure can, I may not be able to get back to everyone but my myspace is http://www.myspace.com/jayannahowerton

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