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Interview With Jen Johnson of Big Brother 8

Posted on 08/24/2007 by RealityWanted in Big Brother and Cast Interviews

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96252_d0521b.jpgToday I had the opportunity to talk with Jen Johnson, the 23 year old single nanny from Beverly Hills Ca. Prior to Big Brother Jen has made appearances on shows such as CSI, Bones and she was also a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. Jen will be the second member of the Big Brother 8 jury and now being sequestered until the end of the show.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: What did it feel like once you knew you were going to be part of the cast?

A. Jen Johnson: I thought that it would be a fun experience and was a little nervous to leave my life for so long.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Did you watch any prior seasons? If so which season and/or which player(s) stand out or were the most memorable?

A. Jen Johnson: I watched season 7 before moving into the house, I thought that Will, Boogie, and Janelle were the most memorable.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Who did you feel closest to in the house?

A. Jen Johnson: While Kail was in the house, I felt closest to her, I have also felt closest with Eric at times.

Q. Mark: Who did you try and steer clear of in the house, should I go out on a limb and say Dick?

A. Jen Johnson: I never tried to stay clear of anyone...i went where I wanted to go no matter who was there.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Who of the houseguests do you think you will stay in touch with after the show?

A. Jen Johnson: Kail, Mike, Nick, Carol, Joe, maybe Eric, Jessica???

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: You've been through so much in the house. What would you say was the toughest and most challenging moment and how did you keep it together for so long?

A. Jen Johnson: I don't know if I ever had a toughest moment in my mind. I always keep it together by knowing that I am who I am and no one can tell me or make up a fake me and bring me down with there words or actions.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): What's you best guess as to which two houseguests will be the last to standing, which two would you like to see in the finals, and who do you think will win?

A. Jen Johnson: I have no idea..there is still so many people I would say It will probly be Eric and either (Zach, Jameka, or Amber)

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com:. Did slop really affect you or was it a plan to try to get Dick out by going crazy on you. Do you think you should have received a penalty from Big Brother?

A. Jen Johnson: Seperate q's Slop didn't really affect me, I was pretty good on slop, I actually liked it. It was never my plan to get Dick out by going crazy on me. Yes Dick should have been assessed a penalty nomintaion weeks ago for his over the top actions and words.

Q. Mark Realitywanted.com: Throughout the game, you said repeatedly that you were just in the game for "the experience" and you didn't care about the money or prizes. Was this part of your strategy or was this in fact the truth?

A. Jen Johnson: That was in fact the truth, I am a girl of many things, I try alot of things, I want to expereince a lot in my life, and when this opportunity came up I thought it would be fun.

Q. Mark RealityWanted.com: Can fans reach out to you on myspace or facebook? If so what is your myspace or facebook url?

A. Jen Johnson: I do have a myspace...I am not 100% on my URL, my personal website has a link to it which is JenJohnsonModel.com


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