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Big Brother 8 recap Tuesday, August 21, 2007 - Who will win the POV?

Posted on 08/22/2007 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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bigbro8_logo.jpgBy Todd Grove

As the houseguests react to the nominations of Amber and Jameka for eviction, Amber says in DR that "I feel like God did this for a reason, to make us stronger: and "Last week I saw a vision that I won the POV, if my vision was right, we are both going to be here next week, if everything pans out, I will win POV and Jameka and I will be in the final two"

Eric is then given his assignment as America's player to give his childhood �woobie' to Jess. He enters Jess's room, and tells her his mom found it and packed it with him because it always brought him luck. He gives it to Jess and says she must love it and she says" I do".

There is also a montage of Zach trying to interrupt Eric and Jess, and Zach states in the DR "Eric has no game"

The POV contest is next, where the top 2 winners get a trip outside of the BB house!!

After pulling the houseguests' choice ball, Dani chooses dick to play. Amber gets Jess,

Jameka gets Zach, and Eric is the host.

Eric: "This week, Big Brother fans from all over America were asked there opinions about hot topics in the house and the results are in. There will be 5 heats in the BB speedway today and you will be asked the percentage of BB fans that answered a certain way. After 5 heats, a new BB racing champion will be crowned and win the POV."

Question 1 "what percentage of fans think Kail would make a good politician"?

Dick answered 78%, the correct answer was 19% and with Dick being the most far off, he was eliminated from the game.

Question 2 "What percentage thinks life in the BB house is easy"?

Zach said 62%, Jess 52%, Amber 50%, Dani 34%. The correct answer was 14%, so Zach was eliminated.

Question 3 "what percentage thinks Dustin is a better boyfriend than Joe"? Jess was eliminated in this round as she guessed 67% and the answer was 47%

Question 4"what percentage would rather have a beer with Nick over Mike"?

Dani answered 83%, Amber answered 60% and Jameka answered 87%. The correct answer was 70% so Jameka was eliminated. The final two in POV are dani and Amber so they win a trip out of the house.

Question 5 "How many of those voting thought Zach was the sexiest bunny of all the bunnies"? Dani answered 46%, Amber said 65%.The correct answer was 35% so Dani wins POV.

After the comp, Amber decides to make a deal with Dani "I'm up to making a deal if you use the POV on me, otherwise I'm going home" She agrees with Dani "It doesn't matter if its this week or next week, when my time as HOH comes , I wont put you up if you save me this week. And I wont backdoor you either"(but remember from Tuesdays show, she doesn't know what back door means!!)"I swear on my daughter's life! Ill vote however you want me to vote this week"

Dani: "I'm sure you wouldn't vote out jameka"

Amber:" I don't want Jameka out, but however you want me to vote, I'll vote"

During the POV ceremony, Dani uses the POV to take Amber off the block and puts Jen on the block. Jen is not happy and from DR says" If I'm still here next week, Dani and Dick are defiantly my personal targets for the rest of the season. Because she's a cheat and he's disgusting."

We then find out the location of the trip Dani and Amber won. It's a trip to NYC to be contestants on the new CBS game show "The power of 10 "with Drew Carey. And they have a chance at winning 10 million!!

How will Amber and Daniele do on the" Power of 10"? And who will be evicted from the BB house, Jameka or Jen, plus what houseguest do you want Eric to get evicted? Find out live, Thursday at 8, 7 central on Big Brother 8.

Big Brother can be seen 3 times a week, Sundays at 8, Tuesdays at 9 and the live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, Thursdays at 8 on the CBS television network.

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