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Ghost Hunters Season 9: Episode 15 Recap

Posted on 10/23/2013 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters

Story By: Chad Alan


"Shock Island"


Pennsylvania Asylum and Testing Lab - Scott Township, PA


The new owner of the building that once housed the Asylum and Testing Lab has realized that he got such a great deal on the property because it has had a very storied past.  The main part of the building was built in the late 1900's and housed poor citizens who worked on the surrounding farm in exchange for some food and a cot or space on the floor to sleep.  An extension to the building was built in 1915 and housed the Insane Asylum, where many people had died of self-inflicting injuries.  The last part of the building, the Testing Lab, was used for animal testing.  To sum it all up, a lot of bad energy and karma engulf this old building.  The heavy activity began when the new owner started renovations.  Loud noises, doors slamming, and footsteps coming from floors and rooms where nobody is at have become common place.  Workers are seeing apparitions ranging from children to adults, and people are getting poked and pushed.  A large shadow figure has been reported multiple times by the staff.  With the activity becoming more and more evil and terrifying, the new owner is about ready to close up shop and move his business to another location. 


TAPS co-founder Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves were the first enter the building and they set up a fog machine in one of the testing labs, which they have found can help them see entities moving through the room.  Noises and voices coming from the floor above them made them forget about the lab and head up to see if there was something that wanted to make contact with them.  Nobody was up on the second floor but when they reviewed their audio recorders they caught both a male and female voice but it was really hard to understand what was being said.  In the room where they had set up the fog machine, the mic on the camera they set up caught somebody exhaling or maybe choking on the fog and nobody from the team was in the room at the time.


Any Bruni and Adam Berry headed to the basement of the Asylum which housed the animal testing lab.  They immediately began hearing strange sounds and something kept grabbing at Amy's jacket.  The fact that they then heard a child's voice would correlate with the fact that maybe this child was grabbing at her jacket as a young child might do to an adult to get their attention. 


Brett Griffith and Haily Hawes, yes daughter of Jason, were the next to head to the basement and investigate the testing labs.  As Brett started his EVP session, his EMF and temperature gauge starting register high readings right after he finished his questions, so something was trying to interact with him.


The team did not get the vibe that there were any evil spirits for the staff to be worried about but try telling that to them.


Surf Hotel and Cyr House - Block Island, Rhode Island


Block Island was apparently a hot spot for bloody battles between native tribes, colonists, and swashbuckling pirates back in the good old days.  The Surf Hotel was built on the island in 1879 and the current owners took over in the 1950's and have started to do some renovations to the property......you know what comes next.  Hotel staff and visitors have been hearing "threatening" disembodies voices and seeing apparitions of people in Victorian clothes roaming the halls and also seen looking out windows of the building.  These apparitions have been so real that people have tried to start conversations with them, believing they were staff members, only to see them vanish before their eyes.  The hotel has been furnished over the years with antiques to keep up the old style hotel the owners were looking for.  The problem with this is that these items can hold with them spirits of the previous owners.   The owners live in a house close to the hotel and they also experience a lot of paranormal activity.


In the hotel, a door slammed shut on the third floor while Britt and Dave were investigating and they could not find any doors that might have closed by them due to a draft or one they propped open.  On the second floor Amy and Adam heard a voice come from a room, which door was closed.  It sounded like a child's voice and something also sounded like it moved in the room.


While the team was investigating the owner's house, the team witnessed a door moving, heard some faint voices there were audible to the viewers along with footsteps coming from the upstairs, where nobody was at. 


TAPS felt the hotel and family house did have paranormal activity but did not feel there was an evil tied to the activity.


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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