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Fat March Episode 1 Recap

Posted on 08/07/2007 by RealityWanted in Fat March

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Tonight was the premiere of ABC's Fat March, and I was definitely impressed. As the contestants were weighed in and introduced, we got a taste of who was going to drive us nuts (Kim), and who we'd fall in love with instantly (Anthony).

Typical of a group of overweight people, when it was announced by Co-Hosts and Trainers Lorrie Henry and Steve Pfiester that they would be starting their journey at the Boston Marathon, grumblings arose, and comments like "Did you forget we're still fat?" could be heard. From the start of the walk, it was apparent to those watching that Kim just wasn't going to do it. Remembering a past conversation I had with Steve, I could see his frustration when he was walking behind with Kim, trying to find something to reach her. Disheartened, there was nothing he could do but stand by and watch her quit on Day 3, costing each of the other teammates $10,000.

Sleeping in tents and the strenuous walking took its toll on this band of mostly sedentary folks, even leaving Will in tears one morning, unable to put on his own shoes. While no one was thrilled about the modest living arrangements, for the most part the Fat Marchers took it in stride so to speak, and pushed on. Anthony, suffering from dehydration and low blood sugar, ended up in the hospital. But amazingly enough, this guy went back to where he left off to start walking again, Steve Pfiester by his side the whole way, as soon as he got the all clear from the hospital. That takes heart.

During the cranberry bog challenge, the team was split in two, where they competed for the chance to win a night in a bed and breakfast, sleeping on real beds, with hot showers. As they raced to fill up crates of cranberries, minor skirmishes arose, leaving one group frustrated and the other jubilant. While the green winners lavished in their comfortable beds, yellow was back to the tents for another night of roughing it.

On day 8, the last of this first leg, the Fat Marchers were asked to walk 13 miles. Shane, at over 500 pounds found that the stress on his feet was so bad, he first felt excruciating pain, then nothing. He literally could not feel his feet. Paramedics were called in, and Shane received the news that he would be unable to walk the rest of the day. Blisters and possible stress fractures in his feet made it impossible for him to continue.

The rest of the team worried over Shane as they made it back to camp, rushing to tearfully hug him, and see how bad his injuries were. His grief over the betrayal of his body was obvious, as was his determination to do whatever it takes to keep going.

Weigh-ins were exciting, with contestants losing anywhere from 5 to 19 pounds in just 8 days. By walking 65 miles and eating healthy meals they had literally melted off 120 lbs!

After weighing in, the marchers received the show's next twist. That this was time for vote-offs. Without time to discuss this as a group, each member took a board and had the opportunity to either vote for nobody, or vote for another person. The person with the most votes goes home, and the remaining contestants each lose $10,000. With Shane behind an entire day of walking, one contestant, Loralie voiced her opinion that 13 miles was a long way to go back, and she didn't want to do it. The rest of the group was concerned over Shane's injuries and his health, so during a tearful moment, the preacher from Mesquite Texas' march ended.

All in all, Fat March exhibits real potential to make it as a popular new weight loss reality show. Just as Biggest Loser season 1 had some glitches to be ironed out, so does Fat March, but the message the show is sending and the true enormity of the heart and soul behind the walkers absolutely shines through. I'm looking forward to seeing how these people, from all walks of life, come together as a cohesive unit and walk 570 miles to Washington, DC.

Coming soon, the basics of diet and exercise. How what the marchers are doing is helping people that didn't get cast for the show lose a lot of weight at home!

Carrie Falquist is an artist, a mother, and group leader for www.realityofweighting.com, and online support group formed initially of folks who tried out for popular weight loss reality shows and were not cast. Doing it on their own, the people at RoW are determined to get the message out to others that they, too can take control of their lives back!


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