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Big Brother 15: Week 6 Elimination Recap

Posted on 08/08/2013 by Gina in Big Brother

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Candice of Big Brother 15


by Gina Scarpa


In Big Brother, you should always expect the unexpected and this night really proves that to be true. As the episode gets underway, Julie lets the houseguests know that this season will feature a larger jury. Whoever leaves from this point on will help decide who wins the $500,000 grand prize. BUT FIRST! Julie teases that just because someone is on the jury doesn't mean they're out of the game. Does that mean someone will get a shot to re-enter the game?


When Candice stands to make her speech to stay in the house, she and Gina Marie go at it. Julie can barely contain them and Spencer has to talk over them to get out what he wants to say. It doesn't matter what Amanda had to say because she's not going anywhere. By a unanimous vote, Candice is eliminated from the Big Brother house. With Julie, she apologizes for nothing and says that she was raised to stand up for herself. Off to the jury house she goes!


The twists aren't over yet. It's a week's worth of Big Brother in one night. In a trivia-themed HOH competition, Aaryn wins it and is shocked that she did! She has just seconds to decide her nominations and doesn't want to ruffle any feathers so she puts up Spencer and Jessie. In the POV competition, players must complete a puzzle with nails from a toolbox and once again, Aaryn wins. Just when you think nominations are going to stay the same and it's going to be a boring week, something crazy happens!


Aaryn takes Jessie off the block and says that everyone except two people wants Judd gone or she'll be the next one to leave. Everyone... or Amanda??? Judd takes his place on the couch and asks people not to believe everything they hear and to vote to keep him. Unfortunately for him, not a single person does and he is completely blindsided out of the game. When Julie asks him what just happened, he has no idea.


Wait until these houseguests find out that America was the MVP. I wonder what their reaction will be when they realize they're not going to have a shot against Amanda or Helen if they don't start making big moves ASAP!



Find out who becomes the new HOH on Big Brother, Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.


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