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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 8: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 07/08/2013 by Jessica in Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 8 - Episode 6 Kim


by Jessica Blackwell


Khloé deals with the tabloids constantly alienating her from her sisters by claiming she has a different father, and always comparing their looks and body size. On this episode, Khloé felt left out, but by her own sisters! Since Kim is super preggo and Kourtney has half a tribe, they are bonding by going baby shopping and talking mommy stuff. The only problem is, Khloé isn't able to get pregnant yet, and she feels ignored. 


After Kim and Kourt made it a habit of not paying her any attention, Khloé decided to grab Mama Kris and get some revenge by TPing Kim's house and adorning it with shaving cream and silly string. Kris was way too excited to be going out with Khloé so she just went along with the plan. In the end, Khloé was the one who took the fall for it because Kris was too smashed to remember anything! 


Kim and her butt monkey Jonathan were none too pleased when they discovered the mess that had to be cleaned up. Clearly Khloé wasn't trying to be that discreet because she wrote's Kris's name in shaving cream so Kim knew just who was responsible for wreaking havoc on her front lawn - and she didn't think it was one bit funny. After threatening to call the police, Kim calmed down when she learned the motivation behind the little attacked and apologized to Khloé.


Khloé and Kris weren't the only ones up to no good, Kendall and Kylie joined forces once again - against their mother! Not a stranger to the pee issues (she's shared her bladder control issues and is a spokeswoman for Poise adult diapers) Kris developed some neurotic fear that people were going to listen to to her pee and could no longer uh, relieve herself, in public restrooms. To "help" their mother get over her fears, the devilish duo video taped her peeing and posted it to their blog. Then to make matters worse, they recorded a song for her, similar to the toddler potty training book "Everybody Poops" just the pee version. Even though the song was clearly a ploy to get their friend Pia's voice on national TV, it was pretty cute. 


Brandon and Leah, the sweetest couple on the show (yea the knocked Lamar and Khloé off their throne), have been working on an EP for several years. Despite it being close to completion, instead of getting excited, Leah starting getting cold feet. Her Dad is the famous guitarist from The Eagles and her in-laws are the Jenners, so she knows her fair share of famous people. She doesn't want her life or Brandon's life to change and she's seen what a dose of fame can do. She not a stupid girl, she knows that success can come fast and hard and all of a sudden you don't recognize your life. It didn't help that she witnessed first hand the craziness that Kim deals with when she walks out the door every day - and that's without any talent you can put on paper. 


To calm her fears, she confided in Brandon who assured her that even if their priorities change, they'll never stop begin number one to each other. After that, her nerves went away, and they had an awesome listening party where they performed all of their songs. 


Next week, Kris pressures Kimmy cakes to move in with her! Stay tuned! 



Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs Sundays at 9/10c on E! 


(Image courtesy of E!) 



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