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Interview with Jayanna from NBCs Age of Love

Posted on 07/27/2007 by RealityWanted in Age of Love and Cast Interviews

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Jason (RealityWanted.com): How did you get involved in the show?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I answered an ad online, it was for a host show but they ended up talking me into being on the show. I agreed to do it because they said what a spectacular guy he was.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): What did you think about the age difference?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I was not really concerned with the age difference. I have dated younger men before so it really wasn't a big deal. The only concern I had was that he typically dates girls a lot younger.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): After one episode did you have feelings for Mark?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I really liked Mark. He is a little shy but loved hanging out with him. Definitely thought he was datable.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): What did you think about the other girls? Were they easy to get along with? Was there friction between the girls?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I love the other girls, especially the 40 year old group. Jen and Jodie were great, so was Maria. The 20 year olds were sweet and nice.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): Would you do anything different on the show if you could do it again?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I would not give Amanda any advice. The advice I gave her ended up hurting me. I probably would remain more neutral but I have a hard time biting my tongue.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): What's next for you? Are you going back to your job?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I am currently taking a break. I am working on a couple of things on the side. I love the entertainment industry but no more reality shows for me.

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Jason (RealityWanted.com): Do you watch much Reality TV?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I actually do not watch that much TV in general. I have watched The Office, 60 Minutes etc.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): How did you feel after your confrontation with Mark? The date on the camping trip was going so well, what happened? Do you feel Amanda backstabbed you?

Jayanna (Age of Love): YES! I do, I feel she threw me under the bus. It was totally unwarranted. I am happy I do not have to lie to get a guy. Things were going well with Mark and I so I was definitely caught off guard with the whole situation.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): How about some dating tips for our readers?

Jayanna (Age of Love): Don't ignore the red flags. Just be yourself and don't make excuses for people.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): How did you feel when Maria decided to stay after she said she was leaving multiple times?

Jayanna (Age of Love): Mark is very charming so I can see why she ended up staying but yes it was a little frustrating having her say she was planning on leaving and then end up staying. I really just wanted the bathroom counter to myself!

Jason (RealityWanted.com): Were you jealous of the whole process and with Mark dating the other girls?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I am not a jealous person so I understood that it was the way the show was set up and he had to go through the process. I never really felt uncomfortable with him dating the other girls just mostly bored when I wasn't on a date and had to stay in the house.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): Is there anything else you want to add?

Jayanna (Age of Love): I want Amanda to know that I don't hate her.

Jason (RealityWanted.com): Do you have a myspace or a way people can contact you?

Jayanna (Age of Love): Yes, check me out on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/jayannahowerton



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