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Interview with Foxs On The Lot contestant Sam Friedlander

Posted on 07/24/2007 by RealityWanted in On The Lot and Cast Interviews

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Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Tell us how got involved with ON THE LOT? Had you applied online, or did you attend any sort of casting call event?

A. Sam: I was screening a short film at a festival and went to the information center where they had a casting director there interviewing potential contestants for the show. I met with the casting director and dropped off my film. Several months later I heard back and went in to interview and got on the show.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) What originally got you into film making?

A. Sam : I started making films in High School. My Spanish teacher allowed us to produce small movies for projects instead of writing them if we wanted so that's really how I started. I did a little filming in college but not much and then senior year I decided it was something that I wanted to do so I moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and started working at a PA on a reality show Fear Factor. I was later accepted to USC for Grad school where I was able to spend more time focusing on my future within the film industry.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) What is the biggest challenge about taking part in "On The Lot"?

A. Sam: There are a lot of sacrifices that I have had to make. One is not seeing my family and friends, in fact I just missed one of my good friends weddings this past week. Also there are the direct challenges such as staying creative in a short amount of time and not having the outside support to bounce ideas off of because the people around you are competitors.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Can you talk about what this opportunity means to you?

A. Sam: The best part is the fact that I am getting to practice so much. By being here I am able to work on my trade daily and be surrounded by a lot of great people that are professionals within the industry.


Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Was there a film that you saw which made you realize �That's what I want to do with my life'?

A. Sam: I love making movies. I realized my senior year of college that this could be a great option for me and to start looking into it more seriously. I come from a big movie family, not that anyone is in the industry, just that we watch a lot of movies, so that has given me the ability to be surrounded by it for years. I also have a lot of admiration and respect for Michael Mann as a director.

Q. What's it like to be on stage and in front of people like Gary Marshall and Cary Fisher?

A. Sam: In the beginning it was nerve racking, you know being critiqued but after awhile it became normal and you take it more as a learning experience. The best part is the feedback, it is open and honest and that helps me to learn.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com) Is there anything else you would like to tell fans of the show and aspiring film makers?

A. Sam: I am just really excited to have the opportunity to showcase my work to both the audiences and the people at home. The exposure is great!

Mark (RealityWanted.com) Is there a website our viewers can follow you?

A. Sam: Yes my webpage is www.samfriedlander.com (currently it refers you to On the Lot but once the show is completed it will be back again)


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