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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 12 (7/18/07)

Posted on 07/18/2007 by RealityWanted in So You Think You Can Dance

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By: RealityCheckByGina.com

This week may be the toughest one yet for the dancers on FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance". The top 10 dancers make the national tour which means the two eliminated tomorrow night just missed it. Tonight's top 12 will be judged by Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Wade Robson. Let's see who does enough to make the tour.

Sabra/Dominic � Jive choreographed by Tony Meridith ("I Do The Jerk" by Ryan Shaw): If you didn't know Dominic wasn't a ballroom dancer, you might be fooled tonight! The pair come out swingin' exhibiting great energy & chemistry. Wade says that from week to week, they give 100% commitment, Mary thought they were terrific, and Nigel calls them the best two partners he's ever seen work together (with the exception of perhaps Benji & Heidi). To vote for Sabra & Dominic, call 1-888-TEMPO-01.

Jaimie/Hok � Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio ("Mister Bojangles" from Fosse): Tyce creates a piece about an old man who is visited by a spirit and is able to dance the way he could when he was young. Though it seems to feature Jaimie for most of the time, it's still a solidly danced routine. Wade feels that Jaimie has stepped out from the pack but didn't get Hok's character, Mary didn't feel it did a lot for her, and Nigel felt Tyce played to Jaimie's strenghts. To vote for Jaimie & Hok, call 1-888-TEMPO-02.

Sara/Pasha � Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore ("Body Language" by Queen): Do yourself a favor and find a picture of the costumes these two wore tonight. It's worth a good laugh, in a good way. Mandy choreographs a brilliant, 80s jazz piece for these two to work with and they give it all they've got. Wade liked it a lot, Mary wasn't sure if it was a top number, and Nigel hopes they did enough to connect with the audience. To vote for Sara & Pasha, call 1-888-TEMPO-03.

Lauren/Neil � Contemporary choreographed by Mia Michaels ("Let The Drummer Kick" by Citizen Cope): Mia choreographs a piece that is unique and unlike what one might expect from her. They dance it well and they're mostly together but I'm not sure I understand what they were going for. In fact, I'm lost. Let's see if the judges have a clue. Wade loves a twisted mind & gives props to Mia, Mary's with me & totally confused but she liked it, and Nigel isn't sure he enjoyed it because he didn't get it. To vote for Lauren & Neil, call 1-888-TEMPO-04.

Anya/Danny � Fox Trot choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux ("It Had To Be You" by Brian Evans): Anya & Danny are looking to fight their way out of the bottom three & get on to the tour. Despite being a contemporary dancer, Danny actually impresses more when doing ballroom & of course, Anya is in her element. Perhaps they've done enough. Wade says he finally believes Danny's emotions on stage, Mary has loved them since the beginning & felt they did not disappoint tonight, and Nigel calls it the best fox trot he's ever seen. To vote for Anya & Danny, call 1-888-TEMPO-05.

Lacey/Kameron � Hip Hop choreographed by Dan Karaty ("Here I Come" by Fergie): I don't think anyone has to worry about these two making the tour. The two dance well together & do all they can to pull off Dan's vision. Wade wants to see Kameron a little lighter on his feet & says Lacey's performance is more professional than personal. Mary & Nigel agree with Dan with Nigel feeling in particular that Kameron didn't bring it. To vote for Lacey & Kameron, call 1-888-TEMPO-06.

Time to vote! The live elimination will air tomorrow night on FOX at 9pm EST. Don't forget I'll be talking to the eliminated couple this Friday on RealityCheckByGina!


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