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American Idol 12: Top 10 Take On The Songs of Idols Past!

Posted on 03/13/2013 by Kylene in American Idol

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American Idol 12 Top 10

by Kylene Hamulak


We've got our Top 10. Guys and girls are going head to head. The votes are in America's hands. THIS. Is A-mur-a-can Idol!


That's right, Top 10 finalists are performing on American Idol tonight in what is, really, the first night of regular competition. Tonight's theme allows the contestants to choose any song from any Idol. Which basically means every song you've ever heard. If it was sung on the show, sung on an album, or sung in the shower, someone might be singing it tonight.




Angie Miller, "I Surrender" by Celine Dion (performed by Kelly Clarkson)

Eeek - Jimmy told Angie he thinks sometimes she's a little pageanty. She's surprised...and she doesn't really understand that. She changes nothing and performs as she has for the past few weeks, and everyone is impressed. Keith thinks she knocked it out of the park, Nicki loves the way she walks in heels, Randy declares her in it to win it (his words, not mine), and Mariah just says, "Stellar."


Candice Glover, "I Who Have Nothing" by Shirley Bassey (performed by Jordin Sparks)

In her chat with Ryan, Candice talks about being homesick and how Idol surprised her with photos of her loved ones when she moved into her room. Interestingly, Jimmy doesn't have anything to say to Candice that she needs to change. Smart move, Jimmy. She's terrific. She's effortlessly powerful, and, above all, she's entertaining. The judges (except Mariah - her skirt is too tight) are on their feet. Keith loves that she doesn't get pulled out of the zone, and Nicki thinks that no one should ever be allowed to perform that song again on Idol. Randy can tell when the judges are into it because Keith is in his chair, Nicki is smiling and Mariah is asleep. He thinks this was "one of the greatest performances on the show this season, 12, of Idol." So yeah, that's big praise considering we've had all of, like, three weeks of performances.


Kree Harrison, "Crying" by Roy Orbison (performed by Carrie Underwood)

If you took a shot for every time the phrase "over sing" was mentioned tonight, you'd have to call out of work tomorrow. Why does Jimmy even bother saying it to her? Kree is terrific as always, and, for at least the third time in these recaps, I will tell you that I hear Carrie in her voice. Not in a bad way - in the deep, rich, beautiful, emotional tone. Keith, Randy, and Mariah, naturally, love her voice, but the real gem in this is Nicki's critique, which begins with a waffle recipe - "it was smooth, it was delicious, it was just fun, I would enjoy it if I was by myself, at home watching TV in front of the couch eatin' waffles."


Burnell Taylor, "Flying Without Wings" by Ruben Studdard

Burnell tells Jimmy he's an R&B guy, and Jimmy warns him not to overdo the R&B ballads. Jimmy, can you please tell EVERYONE ELSE not to overdo the ballads? Burnell takes the stage and, like Jodi Arias on the witness stand, the fog comes rolling in (Ryan took my Pope joke). He's another one of my favorites in the competition - his tone is pure and lovely to listen to, though I do hope he'll have a chance to show us some versatility too. Keith loves the "Burnellisms" he puts into his performances, and Nicki likes those twists as well. Randy thought it was very nice, and Mariah gets emotional when he sings.


Amber Holcomb, "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson

Amber is another one who doesn't get much critique from Jimmy, though he does tell her she's pretty and encourages her to make it up beat. Amber gets all the spotlights, video of like a million birthday candles sparkling behind her, and a wind machine! I'm a fan of Amber, and she sings beautifully, but I'm not AS wowed by this performance as the crowd seemed to be. Keith thought it was beautiful, but Nicki calls it "the best performance of the night" before comparing her to Whitney. Houston. WHITNEY HOUSTON. I mean....just no. Randy thinks she belongs here and it was PERFECT. Mariah vocally tweets, "hasthag - POW." So she liked it.




Curtis Finch Jr., "I Believe" by Fantasia

Jimmy recommended that Curtis work on being more current, of not focusing on being so old school. As usual, Curtis - like the paisley jacket (WHAT EVEN IS THAT?) - is just a little too much. You know how you can tell the jacket is a fashion issue? Randy complimented him on it. Keith tells him to be careful not to oversing, and Randy (except for the jacket) thinks it's time for him to switch it up a little bit and show some other sides of Curtis. Mariah liked the choir feeling and wants to hear more of the gospel tinge.


Janelle Arthur, "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry (performed by Scotty McCreery)

Janelle tells Jimmy she wants to be a true country artist, not water it down. Her performance isn't her greatest vocal, but she does do a good job owning the stage. Keith thought it was great and enjoyed the classic runs. Nicki liked last week's performance better, but she notes her confidence. Randy claims the song didn't lead anywhere, and I sorta feel the same about him. Mariah talks about her star aura but would rather hear a ballad. Sidenote: Janelle tells Keith she has cottonmouth, which apparently no one in Hollywood has ever heard before. Shades of Pickler with this one.


Devin Velez, "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood

Jimmy wants to talk about Devin's restraint, so Devin tells him that the ballads have always been his sweet spot. He says other things too, but I'm distracted by his abnormally long green scarf, his folded hands, and his crossed legs. What I did hear him say, however, is that he planned to take a risk to show he can do more than just the ballads, so I'm kind of confused when he comes out and sings...a ballad. As always, it sounds pretty and sweet and I thinnnn...oh, sorry, I dozed off there for a second. Keith doesn't think it's one of his better performances, but Nicki totally disagrees and thinks he sounds great. Randy thinks it was safe and that so far no one (Devin sang third) is in it to win it (my words, not his), and Mariah goes around in circles to say that he has set expectations high.


Paul Jolley, "Amazed" by Lonestar (performed by Scotty McCreery)

Paul's main issue? He oversings. Just like all Broadway stars, according to Jimmy. He tells him to take down the theatrics. I'm really sorry, but Rogue Jonas just doesn't do it for me. He's not bad to look at, he's not bad to listen to, but it's just not all coming together for me, particularly not on this song. Keith thinks he's listening to the advice, and Nicki's "sexual appetite" is "stimulated." She thinks it was a good song choice and Randy agrees, though he does tell him sometimes it's ok not to dial it back. And then Mariah tells him not to hold back. So there ya go, Paul. Take whoever's advice you want.


Lazaro Arbos, "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson

Jimmy warns him about song choice, urging Lazaro to pick a song he can be confident with. I'm not sure he did that tonight. I kind of got the feeling he just wanted it to be over. Keith asks why he chose the song, and oh gosh...I always feel bad for him because of the stuttering, but I also always feel bad for whoever asked the question. Like, I just want to interrupt and be like, "oh, ok! We get it! No need to continue!" Keith and Randy don't feel like that was a good song choice, and Nicki thinks that Jimmy hurt his confidence this week. She says he usually seems confident, but tonight seemed nervous. Mariah thinks people love his courage and says she knows what it feels like to overcome obstacles. For example, just a few minutes ago, she couldn't stand up for Candice because her skirt was too tight.





Daylight Savings Fail: Apparently no one sprung Nicki's clocks forward, cause she definitely didn't make it to the studio in time for the LIVE show. Question: does Mariah have any control over LA traffic? I don't wanna start rumors, but....


You Can Check In, But You Can Never Leave: The Idols are staying in, and I quote, "a rock star type hotel" this year. What the hell is a "rock star type hotel"? A seedy motel that smells like booze and smoke and has unidentified stains on the carpet? Regardless, Janelle ran into Steven Tyler and Gary Levox already, so that's pretty cool. For them. I guess.


Cooking Lesson: Nicki taught us all the proper way to enjoy waffles: Buttermilk. Toasted, never burned. With butter. Then microwaved. And Aunt Jemimia syrup.


An Idol Plea: NO MORE BALLADS! Could we at least mix it up a little? Can we get a little rock 'n roll up in this joint? I will personally throw all my Idol App votes your way, Idol Contestant, if you sing something that's neither country nor a ballad. Even you, Paul or Curtis.


Final Thoughts: Top performance of the night has to be either Candice or Kree. Either of them could still be singing, and I'd still be listening. Worst performance? Sorry, buddy - Lazaro just sorta fell short for me tonight, though I'm still a fan. I do think he'll have the support to save him this week at least. If we get a bottom three announced, my bets would be on Janelle, Paul, and Curtis. Two of those, however, could be wishful thinking.


What did you think of our Top 10? Let us know in the comments below!

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(Images courtesy of Fox)


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