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Pirate Master: No Ballots For Mutiny (7/10/07)

Posted on 07/11/2007 by RealityWanted in Pirate Master

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96016_d5137.jpgBy RealityCheckByGina.com

The pirates are hungry ... for food & for gold! At their next treasure hunt, the crews are once again split into black and red. On the black crew along with Captain Azmyth, Ben, and Jay are Laurel & Jupiter. Opposing them are Louie, Kendra, Nessa, Joe Don, & Christa. Crews must row to the western tip of the island looking for a floating marker which will lead them to a map. As usual, the black crew gets a nice head start but the red crew is hungry for a shift in power.

Now that they have a map, they must row to Skull's Point and search for a cannon with two hidden ropes. The crews must now find a X with the key to the treasure hidden below it. The red crew figures out where to go first while the dirty black crew follows. After uncovering their keys, they must find the treasure then use a dial to figure out the combination to open that treasure. The crews are neck & neck, but the black crew once again pulls off a victory.

The black crew returns with a nice sized pot & Azmyth decides to keep his officers in tact. Their next task is to hand out black spots and Nessa, Louie, and Joe Don are all put up for elimination. Their best plan for survival is a mutiny but the idea is shot down quickly by Christa & Jupiter. Joe Don & Nessa, the showmancers, are caught in a bad situation as one of them may be cut adrift tonight.

At pirates court, Azmyth must explain why each of the pirates were nominated. Nessa has been nominated for her dissatisfaction with her time on the ship, Louie is nominated as a "place holder" with Azmyth hoping he won't be the one to go, and Joe Don is once again put up for being a fierce competitor. Before the results can be announced, we first find out who will now hold the royal pardon. Since Joe Don is the seller, he is ineligible. With a bid of $5000, Nessa buys a royal pardon she didn't need. The pirates decide to cut Joe Don adrift.

Check back as Joe Don will be talking to RealityCheckByGina about his time on Pirate Master


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