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Project Runway All Stars Season 2: Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 12/20/2012 by Todd in Project Runway

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Carolyn Murphy on Project Runway All Stars Season 2


by Todd Betzold


We are going back to the 1920s on Project Runway All Stars tonight and I can tell you one person who is happy about that: Uli! She is all about feathers and you know the flappers had them all over their dresses. It is a fashion face-off tonight, as the designers are paired up against each other, so things should get real interesting tonight!


We start out with Ivy feeling a little down because Casanova left her last week, so now she wants to win this for him as well. With six designers left, this means that all of them will be on the runway to defend their looks to the judges.


They head out to meet Carolyn Murphy on the runway to find out what this week's challenge is, which happens to be all about the 1920's. They have to create a look for the modern woman inspired by the 1920's and each of the ladies will be going to three different events: an evening social soiree, afternoon garden party and an after hours speakeasy. The designers each draw an envelope with the event and Uli and Laura Kathleen pick social soiree, Anthony Ryan and Ivy get the speakeasy and Joshua and Emilio get the garden party.


It will be a fashion face-off, as the designers will each compete in their respective event. There will be a high and low score, with the winners coming from the high scores and the eliminated designers coming from the low scores.


Uli said she is bringing out the feathers, which doesn't surprise me. Laura Kathleen said she is not using feathers because she doesn't need to overcompensate for her design, which was a big slap at Uli. Laura Kathleen wants to do a fur coat. They head out to do some shopping and Ivy wants to buy some fabric that is embellished. She buys some expensive fabric and said if it doesn't work then she is done.


They are back in the workroom and Ivy thinks that Anthony Ryan keeps watching over her, but he said he is not going to design anything like hers. Laura Kathleen keeps trash talking Uli and her feathers and keeps saying you must have a fur coat for an evening soiree.


Anthony Ryan is making a full-feathered capelet, which of course Joshua models for everyone in the workroom. Laura Kathleen starts looking for a hammer to break some beads, but Uli gives her a tool to help break them, so she was nice enough to help her competition. Will that come back to hurt her?


Joanna Coles comes in for her critique and tells Joshua his colors are very him, but it may be too marsupial. She tells Emilio that his fabric could be on his grandma's sofa. For Laura Kathleen, she tells her she loves the pant aspect of it and it is really fun. For Uli, she said it is making her break into her Charleston moment, but it feels like everything that she has done. For Anthony Ryan, Joanna tells him the capelet is absolutely amazing and it is a little naughty. For Ivy, she says the fabric feels very 1920's. Ivy said she would give Anthony Ryan's look a 5 out of 10!


Ivy is ready to kick some ass, so will she be going home? The models come in for their fitting and Uli's dress is see-through and she never bought any underlining material, so she is trying to build one out of the sequins. Ivy doesn't have much to put on her model, which is no big surprise.


The night is coming to an end and all of the designers have a ton of work to do, which again is no surprise. They make these designers do too much in too little of time!


It is runway day and the designers come in with two hours to finish their looks. The models come in for their final fitting. Laura Kathleen thinks that Uli designs as a stylist not a designer because she makes the look come together, like a stylist would. As they get their models in their looks, all the designers are just talking trash about their competitors look, but that is the norm. Time has run out and they head to the runway!


It is time for the runway and Carolyn Murphy meets the designers on the runway. The judges tonight are Carolyn, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and guest judges this week are actress Gretchen Mol and designer Jenny Packham. The looks I liked: Emilio (nice pattern and dress), Uli (she worked the feathers) and Anthony Ryan (cute little dress). The looks I did not like: Joshua (it is plain and boring), Laura Kathleen (doesn't look 1920's to me) and Ivy (the dress is baggy and looks terrible on the model).


The models come out and time for the critique. For Joshua, Georgina said it feels modern and the colors are so good. Jenny said it is very successful. Carolyn said it is a great cut, but it is so safe. For Emilio, Carolyn said it is so beautiful. Gretchen said it is lady-like. Jenny said these were two of the strongest dresses. Isaac said the shape is more 1930's. Georgina said it is lacking in personality.


For Uli, Georgina said this was your challenge. Isaac said it is great and I love this dress, but the white fringe makes it go cheap for him. Jenny said it feel very modern. Carolyn said she loves this look. For Laura Kathleen, Isaac said there are brilliant things about this ensemble. Jenny said it is very sophisticated. Carolyn said the top is so beautiful, but she is not crazy about the pants. Georgina said the trousers need to be perfect and her model is looking bigger than she is.


For Ivy, Carolyn said it is too literal and I have seen it before. Isaac said the front does nothing for her figure and it is too heavy. Gretchen said this one has really grown on her. For Anthony Ryan, Jenny said she loves this one because it looks very modern. Gretchen said it looks young and fun. Georgina said he has such a way of taking something and making it his own and modern.


Time to find out the scores: for the garden party, Emilio has the high score and Joshua has the low score, For the evening soiree, Laura Kathleen has the low score and Uli has the high score. For the after hours speakeasy, Anthony Ryan has the high score and Ivy has the low score.


The judges discuss the looks and I am thinking Anthony Ryan will win and Ivy is headed home. The designers come back to the runway and Emilio is safe this week, so that leaves Anthony Ryan and Uli. The winner this week is Anthony Ryan, for his third win this season and remember Ivy rated him a 5! Uli and Joshua are safe, so it is down to Laura Kathleen and Ivy. Shockingly, Ivy is safe this week and the judges send Laura Kathleen home!



Project Runway All Stars airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.


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